How to prevent your skin from drying during winters

No matter how exciting winter season may sound to some, because of all the great things it comes up with. You can’t deny the fact, with all those cold days and nights comes the problem of having to deal with dry skin which almost no person can run from.

Having dry itchy skin is a very common problem, people often deal with it during the winter season. Due to less humidity present in the environment, our skin tends to lose its moisture and becomes all dry, flaky and itchy which can be really troublesome for some people. During this time your skin needs all the moisture it can get in any form.

However, by making a few changes to your routine, you can prevent your skin from getting dry and to remain at its healthiest state.

Avoid using harsh soaps and cleansers

Using harsh soaps or cleansers will not only affect the health of your skin but it also strips off all the protective oils our skin contains. These oils are responsible for providing the needed moisture to the skin. So having them ripped off from your skin is obviously going to make it all dry and itchy. Therefore, using soaps that contains essential oils serves as the best choice during winters. With that also make sure to use a cleanser that contain some amount of oil in it. This will help you to keep your skin all soft and supple. Opt for soaps and cleansers that suits your skin type.

Moisturize your skin really well

With all the moisture our skin loses during winters, it becomes essential to feed it with the needed moisture. And this is when a moisturizer comes to rescue. It is an easy solution to all skin problems during winters. But with that, it’s also important to use the right moisturizer, as they come in different textures like light and heavy creams. While light creams are a great option during summers, heavy creams work the best during winters, as they provide extra moisture to the skin.

They come in the form of a body lotion or creams, you can opt for whatever works the best for you.

Limit your shower time and temperature

The longer you stay in the shower, the greater are the chances of your skin losing all the essential oils. It also depends on other factors like showering in extremely hot water. These factors can easily result in extreme dryness of the skin as oil gets washed away with exposure to long and hot showers. So it’s advisable to always take a shower in warm water and spend as less time as possible while taking a bath.

Don’t overheat your house

The temperature inside your house also plays a major role in drying out your skin. With central heating present inside the house, the humidity levels tend to drop. Which greatly influences the skin’s texture. Make sure to keep the heat inside your rooms in between lower to moderate temperatures to avoid extreme dryness. Also, another alternative is to place a humidifier in rooms where you spend most of your time in. it will help in increasing the moisture levels in the room.

Avoid stepping out of your house when it’s extremely cold and windy

The most common reason for your facial skin getting all dry is a constant exposure to harsh and cold dry air. So if you are planning on stepping out of your house in such conditions, make sure to properly cover yourself with warm and cozy layerings. You can use a scarf and a cute beanie or a thermal face shield if you prefer.

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