Heels you didn’t even know existed!

Footwear is the most loved category in fashion after apparel. If you are done buying clothes, then the next thing you are buying is a pair of shoes, for sure! There is this undying never-ending love for footwear that we have failed to discard. We can’t go a day without them and it is quite an interesting fact that about 70% of our personality is reflected by the kind of shoes we adorn! Believe it or not, it’s true that everyone judges you by your footwear. So one should always make sure that the right pair is worn on the right occasion. None of us have enough heels and our closets are proof of that. We end up buying so many of them and still crave more. Heels have the potential to tap that confidence level in you and nail the perfect look you want to show. They can flatter your outfit for every occasion and make you feel powerful.

With the right pair of heels, you feel ahead in the league. Some of the most stunning designs in heels have taken our hearts away. Many of you might not be aware that they even existed! Well, now you will. Read on and head for your next shopping spree!

Spool Heels

For all those women who shy away from wearing heels in the constant fear of falling, this one is tailored for you. A pair of spool heels will give you the confidence and self-esteem boost that you crave for. They are extremely comfortable and bliss for all beginners. The design of spool heels is very unique as it has the shape of an hourglass body. It is wide at the front and comparatively narrower at the back. This design provides the utmost comfort and walking ability to the wearer. It also keeps your body posture straight and balanced. You can wear them to your workplace, casual outings as well as dinner parties and never feel tired.

Oxford Heels

Oxford heels, as the name suggests, are the most sophisticated type of heels. It would be wrong to just refer to them as heels because they have a front closure design. Because of a closed front, these look like elevated shoes, that is, shoes with heels. If you are looking for something British, these will satisfy you. This victorian design has a lot of fan following because it has some really intricate work on it. Oxford heels are extremely formal so wear them with your trousers or pants and pair a fancy coat with it. This is one of the most loved trends of the 90s and is making a comeback in style!

French Heels

Just similar to spool heels, this one has a lot of grace and poise to it. Spool heels have a very comfortable design with wide front and narrow back. Just like that, this one also has a similar design but with more coverage and comma heels. Because of more coverage, french heels are a great pick for fall and winters. They keep your feet warm and cozy so you can wear them to all your outings. They look best when worn with formal wear or short dresses. There is a feminine element to this design and that’s why we love it. You must have noticed this one worn by the royals in olden days. So it’s time to feel royal in the 21st century!

Cut-out heels

Talking of full coverage heels, we have another type of heels that have minimal coverage. These babies are a lot more funky and edgy. They have gained a lot of popularity in recent times because of the incredible style they possess. With strings of leather going from end to another, covering your feet the minimal they can, this one is a very chunky style! These give a very neat and defined look to your feet with all the cutouts and skin peeping through. Pick cut-out heels in any color you want and be as quirky as you like. Pair them with your skinny jeans or party dresses for a sexy look!

Neon Corsets

Everyone knows about corset-style but did anyone think of it in neons? Well, we did. Neons are a great way to attract attention and become the talk of the town in a jiffy. They are extremely bright and colorful that you just can’t escape from them. Picking the famous corset style in neon color will help you curate the fashion statement you want. This is more like a gladiator but with heels and therefore, gives good coverage to your feet. They have a good grip and make you feel comfortable all day. Wear them everywhere and flatter everyone!

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