How to get glowing skin naturally

It’s so common how we always envy celebrities thinking they have such flawless skin. We also envy our friends with glowing skin because they look so fresh and bright every day. If you can relate to this, you’re one of those girls who deal with their dull skin on a daily basis. You tend to buy expensive brands in cosmetics and skincare to achieve desired results but land up nowhere. This is because all the dust and pollution that has already damaged your skin is hard to get off but not impossible. It might take time but you can also achieve the benefits of glowing skin.

Some are born with it and some work hard to land up there. The basic rule in achieving glowing skin is to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated all day. Our skin becomes lifeless when it is devoid of water and other nutrients so it is very important to have proper intake of water. Other basic tips involve using sunscreen on a regular basis, washing face twice a day and using a good night mask too. Here are some tips to achieve glowing skin in a course of time naturally-


We all know cleansing is the most important part of our everyday clean-up routine. No matter how tiring your day was or how lazy you feel, cleansing is a must. Every day when we step out in the sun, our skin deals with a lot of dust and humidity. This really damages our skin so it is essential to come home and follow a proper CTM routine. But before that, you need to wash your face properly. Consider using a face wash that is in accordance with your skin.

  • For dry skin beauties, use a face wash without soapy contents. Soap brings rashes to the skin. A good non-soapy wash will bring back the lost moisture.
  • For oily skin beauties, get yourself a foaming cleanser to fight acne and unwanted oils.
  • For normal skin, use a gel-based face wash for ultimate results.


Makeup is definitely every girl’s addiction. It’s the hardest thing to resist but as flattering as it looks, it can harm your skin deeply. When we put makeup on our face, it settles into the pores which eventually leads to blackheads and whiteheads. It is advised to go easy on makeup especially in summers. During summers, we sweat a lot so the makeup tends to settle deep into the pores. there is no room for air and as a fact, our skin also needs to breathe. If you want to apply makeup, use a very good SPF sunscreen first and a primer first. Go by this rule no matter what!


Whether you have oily, dry or combination skin, you must use a good hydrating moisturizer after following your cleansing regime. In winters, skin becomes very dry so we all use a moisturizer without saying. But in summers, this part is ignored and that’s where we lack results. The purpose of moisturizing cream is to keep you hydrated all day and let your skin breathe in a safe and sound environment. It also protects from dust particles, pollution, and humidity because it forms a shield over your skin. Pick a moisturizer that suits your skin and gives best results.

  • For lazy girls, it is best to pick a moisturizer that has SPF in it. This will doubly protect the skin and also keeps you hydrated all day.
  • It brings a natural glow to the face because of the texture. Shine all day!


The skin around our eyes is the most sensitive area in the entire body. It is very delicate and deserves the most attention. When we don’t take care of our eyes, we develop eye bags and dark circles which makes our entire face look dull and lifeless. So whenever you step out in the sun, never forget to wear sunglasses. Sunglasses also come in UV-protection and anti-glare so you should definitely use them. Use a good eye-cream in the day and at night as well. Look for ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and cucumber. Massage every night and relax the muscles.

When you will start cleaning and moisturizing the face properly, use sunscreen and apply minimal makeup, your skin will regain its lost charm and become lively again. Start executing these tips from today itself.

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