Fabulous shrugs for every outing

No woman on this earth has enough clothes. There is always ample space in our wardrobe for another piece. With so many dresses, tops, and bottoms already barged in the cupboard, what else do we need? We need accessories. Accessories account not just for jewelry but other articles like hats, scarves, and shawls which we buy and use regularly because they spice up our outfits. It looks like we made an effort to dress up in a stylish way. One of these accessories is a shrug which is also a piece of clothing depending on its utility. A shrug is a loose piece of clothing that can be worn bare or layered over something. It has multiple designs and styles that we have listed below for your shopping. You can pick the best one and slay it like never before!

Must have Shrugs for every occasion


It is called a waterfall for a reason. Just like we watch water falling off a cliff in an uneven manner, this shrug also has an uneven structure to it. The loose ends in the front fall disproportionately in a high-low pattern. This has been tailored in a really amazing way and looks damn attractive. If you want to look elegant and classy, wear this shrug in colors like plum and steel grey for a night outing. Just pick your black dress or a coordinated set of trousers and tee, layer this shrug on them, and look best for any occasion. Since it’s open in the front, it shows off your assets in the most poised manner.


This must have reminded you of hair fringes. And yes, a fringe shrug is exactly that. it is just a regular shrug with lines of threads or fringes hanging on the entire border. It gives a very bohemian look to the shrug with all the hangings. You can pair this shrug with skinny jeans and rugged shorts too. They look very cool and trendy when paired with shorts and a crop top. If you’re planning a picnic to the beach soon or a vacation, this is your definite pick. It keeps you comfortable all day with the loose-fitting. Find these in cotton or knitted fabric.


As fancy as the name sounds, this shrug looks very attractive with all its peaking holes. It’s like you’re dressing up fancy and elegant but your skin is also showing itself effortlessly. Crochet is a handicraft piece made of yarn which is sewn with a hooked needle. It is a very intricate technique and its real beauty lies in the details. If you love delicate items, you will definitely adore this beauty. A crochet shrug is just so pretty that you would want to pair it with everything. It’s perfect for formal as well as informal outings.


Lace has been considered a very top-notch fabric and is meant for sophisticated occasions. That’s why we have lace dresses, blouses, and tunics. And now we have lace shrugs too! There is a reason why everyone loves lace clothing. It looks very classy and is best-fitted for any formal occasion. There is a certain feminine touch to it which is irresistible. It has created a top spot for itself on the must-have list as it is not only pretty but comfortable too. You can wear a short top beneath it or even a tank top. This will add glamour to anything you wear.


Also called the batwing sleeves, these are cut deep and wide at the shoulder with extended armholes. Dolman sleeves extend up to the waistline and are very loosely tailored. The sleeves are loose and narrow down towards the wrist. The fabric has a hanging feature with long wings. It looks very stylish and trendy for all those lunch outings and brunches. Pair them with skinny jeans and wear statement sneakers to finish the look. it can really add up to the overall outfit if you’re looking for volume.

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