Dazzling eye makeup to amp your look

Eye makeup is the best thing you can gift to your face because it has the ability to add a transition to your face. It doesn’t matter if you have applied makeup to your face or not, eye makeup is just enough. We recommend curating different eye looks for your face to amp the overall look in no time. Look for these stunning eye makeup looks and curate them for the perfect evening every time!

Subtle shimmery Eyes

If you think that this look is meant for the night alone, then you might be mistaken. This shimmery eye look is very versatile and can be pulled off during the day as well as night time. This is because it is not something dramatic or ever the top. Instead, it is a very subtle look and has the ability to make your face look much brighter. It can instantly amp your face and turn it from drab to fab. If you are having a dull face day, try adding this shimmering look to your eyes. Shimmer can be anything from rose gold to silver to bronze and corals. Eyeshadows come in large palettes and you can use anything in a minimal amount to create this subtle shimmer look. Pastel and neutral colors can be worn easily during the day!

Dramatic Cat eyes

Dramatic is the word when it comes to cat eyes. As the name suggests, the cat-eye look is inspired by the sharp features of a cat. The way their eyes stretch in separate directions and gives a pointed look to the facial features, similarly this cat-eyes look is curated. All you have to do is take either a gel liner or a liquid liner and create this gorgeous cat-eye look. Stretch your liner a little bit to the extreme of each eye and let it loose. This look should be casual and effortless. You can also pick fancy colors to create this cat-eye look. There are a lot of shades like blue, teal, coral, white with which you can create the perfect cat-eye look.

Gradient Eyeshadow

Using eyeshadows is a great thing because they have the potential to amp your look and make it dramatic in no time. Even if you have no makeup on and plan to put eyeshadow alone, this will make your face look much brighter and lively. That is the power of an eyeshadow. So, if you are using it, why not use it in a playful and dramatic way? Play with colors and create a transitional look. What you have to do is pick a light-colored eyeshadow in your inner eye area and darken the tone as you go towards the outer area. This transition from light to dark will give a gradient look to the eyes. The trick is to blend the colors properly so that there are no lines and creases. If you are able to pull off this one, there is nothing like it! Add a bit of shimmer for the night look.

Double-Winged Eyes

Everyone loves a winged liner and pulls it off in style. But do you know about the double-winged liner? Well, this one is an improvisation of the former one and oh-so-gorgeous! This double wined liner is dramatic and much more sensational than a winged liner. If you are planning to create a heart-throbbing look for yourself with a lot of drama and style, then this is it. For an edgy look, all you have to do is expand your winged liner and double it at the ends. These double wings should be in close proximity and must be parallel and neat. You will require a few hits and trials to create the perfect look. But once you are able to do it, be ready to conquer the world!

Graphic eyeliner

If you love to experiment with your looks, you will love this one. It is time to experiment with your eye makeup as well. All you have to do is pick playful colors and the job is half done, Skip the mainstream black liner look and go for dramatic colors. Pick electric blues, teal, pink and shimmery shades to create different shapes. Go for a double-winged look, cut crease look and even the smokey eye look using colors. This transition in color and shapes will curate the perfect graphic look for you and will definitely be a show-stealer! Add a contrast eye shadow and build this one for your night parties as well as cocktail evenings. Try to create colorful looks with mainstream clothing for the ultimate flattering.

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