5 Easy Steps To Get Glowing Skin For The Christmas

Christmas is around the corner! While we have shortlisted our outfits for this time of the year, one equally important thing is to have glowing skin. Christmas family celebrations, parties with friends, and major events, we have so much to attend during this time, so picking up the perfect attire and prepping your skin for the festive are equally important.
In this feed, we have compiled 5 easy steps that will help you achieve a glowing complexion on this special occasion. If you want to know these 5 steps, read till the end!

Clean Your Face

It’s very important to get rid of all the impurities and acquire healthy and clean skin. The key to clean skin lies in a good cleanser. The first thing in building a proper skincare regime is investing in a good cleanser.
Your cleansing process should include one oil-based cleanser and one normal cleanser. The secret to glowing skin is how effectively you remove your makeup. Thus, to ensure your makeup is removed, you should prefer double cleansing, which includes cleansing your skin thoroughly. The oil-based cleanser attracts all the dirt and impurities and a normal cleanser refreshes your skin.


As we grow the skin’s natural ability to shed dead skin reduces and thus dead skin gets accumulated on the surface of the skin, making the face appear dull and rough. For that healthy and smooth looking skin, exfoliation is the key.
For exfoliation, prefer using a 10-minute exfoliation mask over physical scrubbing. Scrubbing your face damages the skin and makes the skin sensitive whereas chemical exfoliation goes to the deeper layers of the skin.
Also, make sure you’re not over-exfoliating your skin as over-exfoliation damages your skin rather causing any benefit.

Hydration, Hydration, and Hydration

Surely you all want to get smooth and supple skin and for that hydration is a must. We all use moisturizers regularly but since it’s Christmas time, why not boost the hydration and use a sheet mask for that extra dose of hydration.
Use a hydrating sheet mask just after you have exfoliated your skin. Applying a sheet mask after exfoliation will render a healthy and natural glow.
Keep it for not more than 15 minutes and after removing the sheet mask nicely massage the gel into the skin. And, here, you’re just a few steps behind getting the glowing festive skin.

Moisturize And Slather SPF

The next step is very important and we suggest you should not skip this.
Moisturizer is extremely crucial to treat all the dry patches and roughness and SPF we all know what it does to the skin and how important it is.
Once, you have removed the sheet mask and massaged the gel into the skin, apply a thick layer of moisturizer, let the moisturizer sink into the skin and after 5 minutes apply a rich layer of SPF all over the face. Make sure you’re using SPF 50 for high protection.

Bonus Step

On Christmas day, you can also use a peeling mask to achieve glowing skin in just seconds. The peel-off facial mask will rejuvenate your skin enhancing the complexion.
Peel-off masks are also great in providing an immediate lifting effect and are a must to use before any special occasion.

So, these are a few easy steps you should follow before Christmas so that you get a healthy complexion on this day of the year. Make sure you carry a smile as nothing makes you appear more beautiful than a smile.
We hope the feed turns out to be a great help!

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