Top 5 Tips for Healthy and Shiny Nails

Top 5 Tips for Healthy and Shiny Nails

Your nails form a fundamental part of your perfectly manicured hands because they have the power to amp up your hands with shine and grandiose colors. It is said that healthy nails are indicative of a healthy self. A dull-looking, oddly-tinted nail can be transformed into strong pinky enamel through natural as well as unnatural ways but below, we are suggesting the 5 best natural tips that you can follow to get healthy nails over time if your nails are pale and grumpy!


  1. Healthy Intake

This one is a crucial step in getting the ultimate healthy nails. The essential vitamins and minerals like calcium, Vitamin B, iron, etc. are the sole workers in this mission. So, have all types of veggies and meats whenever possible, hydrate yourself sufficiently throughout the day and beautiful nails and hair will come your way. Eating right will bring amazing long-lasting results. Notice the following things while checking for improvement:

  1. Pinkish tint across the nails
  2. Straight progressive vertical lines
  3. No breakage in cuticles
  4. Natural shine that runs vertically in light
  5. Less brittle

Healthy Intake

  1. Oiling

Scorched and malnourished cuticles will kill your nails in no time! This is why you should try to prevent dryness across cuticles. Although there are many ways to moisturize your hands and keep them looking plump the foremost tip is to hydrate yourself from within. This will strengthen your nails. Massage your hands using moisturizers and or oils twice a day. Use thicker moisturizers that melt easily and oils that have a deep enriching effect so the protective layer so formed stays for a longer duration of time. During the night, clean your hands and deeply condition them before hitting the bed.


  1. Keeping Sharp!

Healthy nails are cut clean and sharp too. We don’t mean to convey that you need stiletto nails! But a perfectly cut short nail would help secure stronger nails especially when they are brittle and under your extensive sympathy. If you are someone who is struggling to keep longer nails or getting fancy manicures, maybe it is time to take a step back and figure out which style suits your nail strength better. So, don’t complicate your nails unnecessarily, and don’t buff them when you want them to shine!

Keeping sharp!

  1. No Picking!

All of us have aggressively pursued this at one point in our lives, thinking our nails would look perfect once ‘that’ bit came off, but no, it worsened our cuticles and sometimes made them bleed too! Remember you always have nail clippers at your service to perfectly shape your nails up and get rid of those dead-end cuticles. So, give your extra-edgy teeth a break. If you continue excoriating the hell out of them, they will not only look shabby and unstructured but also become susceptible to more infections. Eww!

No picking!

  1. Clean Them?

How intricately health and cleanliness are interwoven is evident from the fact that bad hygiene hampers our health in a trillion ways. We are living in a world with active natural and man-made pollutive causes that occupy the air we breathe and the water we drink. It is important to clean yourself in and out and especially your nails which collect dirt on their corners very often. Have them cleaned by the manicurist or do it yourself.

Clean Them

You’ll find yourself donning a beautiful set of nails in about 2-3 months. Once you have a smooth texture visible on your nails, your fancy manicure will look better too!


The tips that you just read are indeed basic yet we hardly find time to take adequate care of them. Of course, many don’t have to engage themselves in frequent manicure sessions or keep scrubbing their nails now and then, but for people who have yet to overcome a lot of things, it is smart always correct your eating habits first because all the others things come next. Once you have lively-looking nails, you can very well put on a top coat for added shine!

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