How to dye your hair yourself

Colored hair looks beautiful and people nowadays are getting their hair colored in different stunning colors. You too must be aware of this new trend where people are getting unique colored hair. People spend a large amount of time in salons so that they get the perfect color they were aiming for. There are some colors that do need some professional help but there are some that you can dye your hair with by yourself. You need not spend extra money and time in the salon when you can dye your hair with the color you want to. However, you need to be careful while dying your hair and need to follow certain steps.

You can look at the list below to know more about how can you properly dye your hair without any help at your own house.

Clean and dry your hair properly

Before applying color to your hair, you need to make sure that the hair is clean and dry. To do so you should always wash your hair with shampoo and then dry them off completely. Wash your hair a day or two before you want to dye it hair as this will allow some time for your scalp to produce some oils to help create barriers to avoid irritation. You should avoid using conditioner as it will hinder you and you may not get the color you were aiming for.

Apply some vaseline on your skin near your hair

When you are dying your hair on your own it can get a bit messy and you might get some on your hairline, ears, neck, and even on your face. This can be a bit difficult to remove on the spot and can leave a mark on your skin. In order to not get any dye on your skin, you can cover your skin with some vaseline. Vaseline creates a layer over the skin and prevents the dye from coloring the skin. Therefore even if you by chance get some color on your skin it won’t leave any mark on your skin.

Detangle and create sections with your hair

Do not go on and apply dye on your hair just as it is. You need to have a proper plan and proper execution when it comes to coloring your hair. To do so you need to first detangle your hair and comb them properly. Then you part your hair in sections so that you can apply the dye properly on each and every strand to make sure the color is applied on every hair and you get the color you want.

Apply the dye from roots to tips

The best way to apply hair dye is to apply the from the roots and to the tips. You need to choose the color you wish to dye your hair in first. Then you need to follow the steps above. After you detangle your hair and get them into some sections then you need to get the color and mix it properly. Apply the dye on your roots then go along the whole length of your hair. This is the best way to ensure that the dye covers all the hair strands and you get to color your hair evenly without leaving any.

Set a timer and wash your hair

After applying the dye, it is important to set the timer to know when it is time to wash your hair. The chemicals are kept more than the time needed might damage your hair. Wash your hair with a color-protecting shampoo and conditioner. Make sure to remove all the dye from your hair before using the shampoo. Wash your hair thoroughly and then dry them off and style them the way you want. Get the amazing color you want for your hair yourself.

You can go on and experiment with your hair. Be creative and dye your hair in some pretty colors that you would love. There is no harm in practicing and getting better at dying your hair. You will get better after practicing for some time and you can always remove the hair color with a color remover if you do not like how the color looks on you. Get started with coloring your hair in your favorite colors.

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