Types of Sunglasses For Different Face Shapes

types of sunglasses for different face shapes

Sunglasses take your style quotient to great heights. It encourages your appearance in an instant without much effort. A pair of classy sunglasses can revamp your look. They cover your dark circles, protect your eyes and the skin around your eyes from direct sunlight so your eyes feel much cooler, and it adds to accessories smoothly. Amidst all these amazing benefits, one must know that there is one available for every type.

So let us see what different types of sunglasses work for different face shapes and what you need to look for while choosing one for yourself.


  1. Wayfarers

For round-shaped face

Wayfarers are among the stylish standardized sunglasses that everyone likes to wear. They give us an upright and uptight look. They are worn on informal and formal occasions. With the solid finish and sharp edges, it helps to blur the roundedness of the face which is why a round face or even a square face would enjoy the help of these sunglasses. You may choose any color here but go with the classic black if you are new to this!


  1. Aviators

For square-shaped face

Aviators were a wild sensation for a long time and they stayed so for the amazing bright colors they always donned. The stylish approach is very well appreciated and quickly became a hit. The shape of the aviators is tricky with its curves. So these curves can be used for that sharp jawline you got here. Of course, aviators are more universal than that! If you have a more curvy face, better options are available too.


  1. Rectangular

For heart-shaped face

A perfect rectangular pair of sunglasses gives an edgy look but boy if you have that edge on your face already, it looks way sharp and the prettiness factor just flies away. That fancy pair of sunglasses should complement a heart-shaped face better. With a broad forehead and narrowing down the chin, rectangular sunglasses will pop out easily, giving it perfect symmetry. The lovable curve of the face will become a little defined.


  1. Oversized

For diamond-shaped and round faces

A big pair of sunglasses stands out like a charm on a face with unique alignments like a heart-shaped face. Whereas a round face loves the overpowering lengths of the glasses, a heart-shaped face seems to balance both halves of the face nicely. The oversized sunglasses always give a feel-good appearance to the face as it easily camouflages the unevenness on the face and you will always be going after it!

oversized sunglasses

  1. Round

For square-shaped face

Round sunglasses are very vintage but they still enjoy a modern fanbase because of their simplistic style and powerful demeanor. If you have an edgy face, the curves of the sunglasses will balance the sharp lines smoothly and then your face would easily pop the sunglasses out. The round sunglasses have been fancied for a long time and will be because it stays evergreen. They sometimes come with a cover of sunglasses without which they stay as simple vision glasses!

round sunglasses


Did you find this useful? Were you able to find your answers? Did you figure out that despite sunglass being super nice, didn’t wear as appealing?

So there you go with the go-to manual for choosing the right sunglasses for your dear face shape. These ideas will help you get a grip on your fashion sense because these suggestions will provide you with the much-needed perspective for your great choices. You and your eyes are covered here! You will have a great time going shopping for the ‘right’ sunglasses when you know for real, what will work the best for your face shape. So remember to go through these suggestions next time you go hunting for sunglasses!

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