5 Pretty earring trends that are bubbling up for spring

You can never really have too many jewelry pieces in your jewelry stack. Given the ever-changing trends, it makes sense as to why we end up owning an array of jewelry pieces. But the best thing about jewelry is it can be worn on repeat without actually looking repetitive, which isn’t the case with clothing articles. But when it comes to jewelry, you can keep on wearing them with different outfits on different occasions, making them worth the investment.

Of all the jewelry pieces, earrings are the easiest way to add some flair and interest to even the most boring and simple look. A pretty pair of earrings can dress up every kind of outfit, and that’s one of the many things that make earrings the jewelry essential. Since we have entered a new year, it seems only fitting to add a fresh batch of jewelry to the stack and lend a fun and cool touch to our outfits. Read on as we take you through some pretty earring trends that will be everywhere this spring.


Double the hoops, double the fun

Hoops are a fail-safe choice when it comes to earrings; they look amazing with almost every kind of outfit. Hoops have become more of an essential now; they are especially popular among the fashion lot. This pretty jewelry essential continues to rise in terms of popularity, and you are about to see them in an updated form this year. The double-hoop silhouette is trending at the moment, and this trend is expected to gain more heat in the coming months. Basically, you can double the fun element in your look by doubling the hoops.


Drop earrings

Drop earrings are one of the prettiest and statement-making earrings out there. They dangle from the ear lobes and add visual interest to the look without looking OTT. Whether worn with a simple turtleneck sweater or an off-the-shoulder top and dress, these drop earrings add oomph to the look and level up the fashion quotient. You can make even the most mundane outfit look chic and elevated by pairing it with drop earrings.


Reinvented pearls

Pearls lend a sense of sophistication and elegance to the outfit, they look incredibly stunning in every form of jewelry, but reinvented pearls are definitely a vibe at the moment. You can spot reinvented pearls in every possible form, they aren’t anything like the typical studs we are so used to seeing in the past. As far as the designing is concerned, more artful designs and baroque pearls that look more natural are being used to accentuate the beauty of pearls.


Mismatched earrings

Mismatched earrings are arguably one of the coolest and unique ways to add an interesting twist to the look. Women who like to add a playful and enchanting touch to the look would definitely enjoy styling these earrings. If you feel like your outfit is missing that drama or looks simple, you can simply wear a pair of mismatched earrings to make the outfit look elevated in an instant. From different silhouettes to distinct metals, you can find these earrings in an array of cool iterations.


Twinkling jewelry

Is your outfit missing the spark and glimmer? Fret not; a pair of sparkly earrings will do the trick for you. Twinkling jewelry is one of the easiest ways to add fun and a certain level of interest to the look. Even if you are wearing something as basic as jeans and a t-shirt, adding a pair of sparkly earrings to the look will instantly make the outfit look more elevated and chic. Sparkling hoops and huggies are the best options to consider for such kind of jewelry, especially when you don’t want to go overboard with the sparkle element.

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