Different types of perfumes fragrances

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Perfumes are one of the most used cosmetics by everyone. Perfumes are not something new to us. They are here for centuries. People have used these to have some beautiful fragrance on them and to smell amazing. Perfumes are a blend of different components such as aromatic things with fragrant oil and other chemicals that makes them so soothing and fragrant. There are different kinds of perfumes and different people like different kinds of aromas on themselves. People choose the one they feel comfortable and relaxed with.

If you are looking for some perfume and do not know much about what are the different types of fragrances that a perfume can provide or the one that the perfume smells like, then check the list below. It tells you all about different types of scents available to you.


This is one of the most famous fragrances used in perfumes. There are a lot of flowers that are used as an inspiration for different scents. There are so many fragrant flowers such as rose, jasmine, lilies, and others from which the scents of perfume are collected or get the idea. These scents are ideal for those who want some feminine, elegant touch and want to smell fresh and floral. You can have a perfume that has just one scent that is a perfume that only has the fragrance of one flower or you can even have one that is a mix of certain fragrances. This is a very romantic fragrance.


Citrus fragranced perfume, as the name suggests is a perfume that has some citrusy base and that can feel tangy and fruity. These are inspired by citrus fruits that have a tangy taste to them such as lemon, orange, tangerines, and others. These scents have a lively and fresh feel to them and are used to make the person feel fresh and better. It is a very refreshing smell and can be a great perfume. You can wear this during day time when you need to be refreshed and lively. This gives a beautiful fragrance and can be used in daily life.


This can be said to be one of the new fragrances that are used in the making of perfume. This one, as the title says is inspired by the water bodies like sea and ocean and tries to provide a refreshing, vibrant fragrance. It has a clean scent that is not too overpowering. This provides you with different scents that cause the inspiration of this fragrance like the scent of nature after rain or the scent of beach or other. You can get these simple with just the oceanic scent or can even have one with some hint of floral or citrusy scent. This is ideal to be worn in any formal setting.


If you like the smell of forests and woods then this is the scent for you. If you are someone who likes the woody fragrance of sandalwood or oak or some other trees then this is the scent for you. Woody fragrance has a soft and sweet aroma and is used by everyone. They are extremely soothing and can even help in making you less anxious as the scent reminds you of nature and calms you down. This kind of fragrance is used at any time of the day. It has a strong scent to it too.


The spices like cinnamon and ginger have a unique smell. They are soothing and therapeutic in their own way. These scents are inspired by the spices available in the kitchen. they feel luxurious and chic and at the same time, they are soothing and calming. Cinnamon or cardamom has a very distinctive scent and is a beautiful scent to use. These scents can be used during the daytime and on some simple occasions.

Perfumes are available in all these scents mentioned above. Not only are perfumes used for fragrance but are also used for their other benefits such as they are aromatic and can provide a soothing effect and can help you relax and be less anxious. It can also boost confidence and can make you feel good about yourself. Scents are associated with memories and you can even remember something when you smell something familiar to that scent. Perfumes have a lot of advantages therefore it is better to get the one that makes you feel comfortable with the fragrance. It can cause or cure headaches depending on the scent. Choose the one you like the most. Happy shopping!

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