Style High Waist Jeans with the Appropriate Upper for Your Body

High waist jeans have never been much in trend, then they are now. Everyone wants to try them but they are confused with what to do with them for your body well. You can find these jeans to be trending in every street you walk by. Moreover, the trend has been inculcated by all the top leading brands and you can find them selling the high waist jeans all year long. They can be flared or skin fit, you need to know what to wear with these, here is your guide. So let’s get to the collection of high waist jeans and their tops.

Tee with Jeans

Center tuck tee with the high waist jeans. This a super classy casual outfit that you can wear every day. You can wear a graphic tee in basic colors and just in from the side of the center as you like. You can wear any color you like white and black are just the basic colors that will look good with any color jeans you are wearing. You can wear sneakers with them if you like or wear platform heels for summers, both look cute and classy. You can dress as per your schedule is, of the day. For winter you can pull up a jean jacket with it. It will add up a boohoo look.

Tank Crop Jacket

This is another classier outfit wearing a tank top with a hip-length jacket that can give the asymmetrical look. This is a super classy, chic look. You can wear heels and carry a side structured bag. This can be a look for the airport as well as a girl’s night out. You can wear it to dinner outing. Even when you want to go for a day out shopping wear these and you are cool to head out. Try it out, you will be impressed.

Simple Skinny Tank

Wearing a skinny tank with high rise jeans can be a mind-blowing look. If you have a thin waistline then you can pull this look the best out of the other body types. You just have to wear high waist jeans and tuck the top into it. You can wear a belt on the top and pull on some sneakers if it’s a walking day otherwise you can wear block heels. Try to choose your tank in a neutral shade. A black tank is easily available at our home. You can wear a black tank with light shade jeans and pair your white sneakers or platform shoes with it. You will find this look to work pretty well for you. Lastly, if you feel the look is not coming out well, then wear a bold silver or gold buckle black belt with the jeans, it will add the style to the outfit.

Center Deep V

A loose top with center deep V can work for the pear body as well as the apple shapes. Since the two bodies have a large waist they need to show their upper body to balance the look. I am not suggesting, exposing your cleavage; if you are comfy you can do that otherwise no need. Take a V neck blouse or tee, whichever you like the most, and wear the high rise jean on top of it. You can wear sneakers if you are wearing a tee. Otherwise, with a blouse, you need to wear either mules or pencil heels. You have your options to choose the look you want. You can go for a skinny high rise if you are wearing boots.

Shirt with Jeans

Wearing a tuck-in shirt with the sleeves tied upon front can really work for flat body types. Since shirts never give a body fitting these sorts of gives your body the volume from the top and the flared jeans in the bottom will sort out this look for us. You need to wear heels with flared jeans because it is a packed deal. You can wear pencil heels with pointed toes. These look better than the round toes.

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