Make Your Own Wrinkle Cream Using Few Ingredients

Buying cosmetic products can really put some pressure on your pocket. And since you have not taken care of your skin in the earlier stage these wrinkles are not going anywhere. So what can be done to get rid of these wrinkles without laying much pressure on your pocket? DIY the anti-aging creams today I am going to share a few anti-aging homemade creams that will help you get smooth, non-textured skin at home. You may have to search for some ingredients but in the end, they will be worth it. Let’s begin the remedies for the issue, don’t be afraid of using them generously on your face as they will show results.


Shea butter, apricot oil, vitamin B, lavender oil is the required items you can find these online as well as on local supermarkets easily. Coming to the quality you will need two tablespoons of Shea butter, two teaspoons of apricot oil, 1 vitamin E capsules, and 2-3 drops of lavender oil. Take a clean bowl and add these ingredients to it, give all the ingredients a good mix. Mix it nicely until you have gained the creamy consistency. Shea butter is extremely nourishing and has all cures for the wrinkles, the rest of the ingredients works as bidding agents give you smooth texture and flawless skin. You can store this cream for 1 month at room temperature or refrigerator. If you have dry skin you can use this cream in the day otherwise use it at night only.


You will need three ingredients for this coconut oil, Shea butter, and avocado essential oil. Take two tablespoons of coconut oil, 2 tablespoons of Shea butter, and 4 drops of essential oil into a bowl. Give these ingredients a good mix, until you have got the creamy consistency. Shea butter is the main ingredient of this cream you can rely on this cream completely. It has vitamins A and C which are essential for cell regeneration and clearing the texture of your skin. However, it is only helpful when used with some biding agents. It is extremely potent, therefore your skin cannot absorb it on its own.


The items required to make this cream are bee wax, jojoba oil, and rose water. Firstly you need to use the double boiler method, to melt down the bee wax. Take around half a cup of bee wax and melt it. Now, add two tablespoons of jojoba oil and add two teaspoons of rose water. You need to keep this cream at room temperature and it will last you two weeks. You can prepare it in a large batch if you want, just increase the quantity. Don’t make a batch that will last longer than 1 month, it will get spoiled. Jojoba oil has a great amount of shelf-life, which is the main reason for adding this oil in this cream. Besides than this oil is beneficial for skin, hair, and body. Use this cream at night every day. You can use this cream in the day during winters.

Cream -4

This cream is basically a substitute for the previously mention cream. You need to use beeswax, rosewater, and apricot oil. Make sure you have melted the beeswax using the double boiler method. If you heat it directly the wax will get burnt so, use the double boiler only. Add two tablespoons of apricot oil and 2 teaspoons of rose water. If you know the advantages of apricot oil then you will use apricot oil instead or jojoba. It is difficult to find this oil everywhere. Thus you can do any to the two depending upon the availability of ingredients. You can use this cream regularly day and night. You will find the glow and shiny within a week and your wrinkles will slowly diminish.

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