Pretty lingerie trends that will define 2021

2020 was certainly the weirdest year; it had a huge impact on our lives. It wasn’t only mentally and physically challenging for a lot of us, but it also altered several aspects of our lives, including the way we choose to dress. We have been staying at home for almost a year now, so it makes sense why the fashion lot has been gravitating more towards low-key and comfortable pieces and giving less importance to fancy frills. While loungewear and athleisure attire are trending hard this year, there’s one more category that needs to be brought to light, and it’s none other than lingerie.

Lingerie is something that we wear every day, regardless of whether it’s lacey, matching, or not. Since underpinnings and sweatpants are all we are wearing at the moment, it makes sense to discuss lingerie trends that will be everywhere in 2021. The lingerie trends in question are pretty exciting yet practical; they will definitely boost your mood and make you feel good.

Read on as we take you through lingerie trends that will define 2021.


Enticing colors

Your lingerie doesn’t have to look or feel boring, just because it’s worn underneath your clothes, it doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with colors or designs. Speaking of colors, while black and neutral colors are a fail-safe option to consider when it comes to lingerie, bright colors are quite seductive, uplifting, and stimulating. Additionally, you can take a mini-break from black and neutrals by investing in enticing colors like blues, pinks, yellows, etc.


Silk slips

Silk is one of the most beautiful and luxurious fabrics out there. Silk in any form of clothing can completely transform your look. And when it comes to lingerie, silk slips are gaining a lot of heat at the moment. Silk slips feel extremely soft and effortlessly chic at the same time. Whether worn while sleeping or as a separate during the day, they lend a sense of luxury and chic flair to the look. Silk slips are one of the luxurious pieces you can have in your wardrobe; they will lift your mood in an instant.


Sultry sets

Sultry sets were one of the lingerie trends that gained a lot of heat during the pandemic; there was an increased demand for such sexy and enticing pieces. This will continue in 2021 as well, while most people are living in sweatpants, there are also some that are eagerly waiting to get dressed and go out again. Lingerie acts as a foundation for all our outfits, and a sultry set is the perfect foundation material.


High-waisted briefs

Ever since we have started spending more time at home, people have been prioritizing comfort over style. As a result, high-waisted briefs garnered a lot of attention during the pandemic, and their popularity will continue to increase in 2021. Aside from being supremely comfortable, high-waisted briefs also look quite exciting and chic. With high-waisted briefs in your wardrobe, you won’t have to compromise your style.


Soft bras

When it comes to building your work from home wardrobe, lingerie plays a vital part in it, and since women are prioritizing comfort over anything, it becomes essential to include comfortable pieces in the wardrobe. Aside from briefs, there will be an increased demand for casual and everyday bras this year. Bras that feel soft against the skin ultimately make the person wearing them feel all the more comfortable. From lacey to silk and satin, you can find these everyday bras in a diverse range of options; they will prove to be a great addition to your work from home wardrobe.

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