Night-out dresses that are perfect for women over 40

Women over 40 are known to be really smart with their outfits and sartorial choices. Thanks to style and trial errors over the years, this set of women always seems to make the right choices with their outfits. While they are pretty much clear of all the basic things they can wear on a regular basis, but some women really struggle to find the right going-out dresses for all their fancy outings. There are some classic and timeless choices that can get your ready for your next night out like no other piece. Age shouldn’t come in the way of dressing up; you should wear what you like and not bother about what others have to say about your outfit choice. Listed below are some of the most striking night out dresses that you will be wearing again and again to all your fancier outings.


This piece was quite an obvious choice to be here on this list. And you can never really go wrong with classic and timeless LBD. We girls are all things love about LBD’s and they never fail to put you in the spotlight for all the right reasons. Regardless of what style of LBD you are carrying, you are only going to look super amazing in this hot piece. Whether you choose to wear a strapless number or dress with cut-outs, either way, you are going to make an entry in style.

The asymmetrical dress

Whether it’s about making a statement or looking your absolute best, there can be no better option than an asymmetrical dress to do the trick for you. Just go with any kind of fabric or color you want, this article is simply going to look super amazing. A velvet dress with a long cut out at one end, showing off your one leg is going to make for an excellent choice. Just make sure to style it appropriately to let it works its magic. Any kind of print or asymmetrical factor will work as long as you have styled the piece in the right way.

Eye-catching midi dress

There can be no other piece like midi dress that looks sultry and elegant at the same time. If you are headed somewhere fancy then look out for midi dresses with some eye-catching and unique details such as a high slit, metallic fabric, lace bodice, floral print or ruffle detailing at the hem of the dress. This type of dress is one sure way to grab all the attention and make you stand out from the crowd. Slip into a pair of sexy heels and you will have your OOTN completed.

A leather dress

There are two reasons for you to try this leather dress for your next night out. The first reason is that it’s one of the hottest trends of the seasons and the second reason is leather pieces are one of the most classic and sexiest choices of fabric you can experiment with. Leather separates have been trending hard over the last seasons and there can be no better choice of outfit to try this year than a leather dress which will look uber cool on your next night out when paired with strappy sandals.

A white dress

A white dress is an easy and probably safest alternative to LBD. If you can’t go with your LBD then a white dress has always got your back. Look for dresses with some sort of detailing and other characteristics that make the piece stand out from the crowd. Beautiful cut-outs, high slit, unique neckline and an eye-catching fabric like satin is going to make for an elegant and statement-making choice for your next night out.

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