Make Your Skin Glow This Thanksgiving

Make Your Skin Glow This Thanksgiving

Makeup tricks are all over the place but we are often confused about which one works the best for us. Well if we look closely at what our objectives are, all things fall into place. This Thanksgiving, you can ace your makeup game by using face-accurate makeup tricks that bring out your best features beautifully. There are certain ways through which you can work on your lips, cheeks, eyes, or face shape to make them look the way you want them to look. Let all the glow of Thanksgiving reflect through your smile!

Read the following tips to have an idea about how your skin can glow!


  1. Priming Nicely

Priming your face is the first and most important step in achieving any look. To prepare your skin for a festive glow, you would need some work on your skin and the work is often time-consuming. Drink more and moisturize even more for the glistened effect to come through and obvious. In addition to that, get your skincare routine through before applying your makeup base so the products glide smoothly.

Priming Nicely

  1. Apples of the Cheek

For your cheeks, the high points matter the most. You would need quality brushes that lightly smudge the blush and bronzer to culminate a glowing apple on each side with some hint of blood flush. Depending on your face shape and cheek profile, you would need to use the technique that works for your type. Don’t forget to add some hints of color on both sides of the face to show a contour and a natural flush.

Apples of the Cheek

  1. Highlight

Highlighting is a foolproof tool to make your skin glow and at least make it look like it. But for a highlighter to look effective, strong coverage of the acne, blemishes, and pores. This is because all these things on the skin become even more prominent when highlighter is put over them. So unless you are comfortable with them showing through, don’t put highlighter directly. The trick of highlighter works in every face angle so make sure to put it everywhere on the face. Radiant!


  1. Giving Definition

With so much shimmer on the face, you will only appreciate it when there is some significant definition on the face, which means that the facial features have been made prominent and they just don’t get blurred with makeup because then the makeup looks muddy and haphazard. Make sure your eyebrows have a shape and your eyelids have some color, either uniform or creative. See if the hair has some styling done so the contouring comes through nicely.

Giving Definition

  1. Bronzer with Sheen

If you are using some contour on your face. Do it lightly but effectively. A bronzer that has some shine in it would gracefully add shine to your face without you having done the highlighting part separately. You can opt out of blush if the color fulfills the work of bronzer as well as blush. With this product, your face will sparkle from every angle you can think of. Be beautiful this Thanksgiving!

Bronzer with Sheen

With these tricks, you are sure to get through shiny and glowing skin that carries makeup beautifully without taking its ample support. The skin would have enough time and space to settle in with the makeup if it is hydrated and supple from within. Makeup on dull skin looks dull and plastic which is not the objective. Here, we are aiming to get a festive glow. A fresh and happy-looking face can carry makeup quite nicely and effortlessly. You would be doing much layering and covering with the latter. Hence, work on your skin first and then choose the right ingredients as mentioned.

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