Make-Up Look to Try This Summer

To wear bold dark make-up during the summer can really make a person look at you that how daring you are to apply such bold make-up during this time of the year. Well, if you like the attention you can really go for it. However, what you should prefer to do during the summer days is to wear extremely light make-up just to hide the imperfections and make it as real as you can. Today we will share with you a makeup look that you can try every day for the summer. It is a chic look and you will not be disappointed with it once you have tried it. We have mentioned a few tips along which will help you make the appearance more elegant and noncakey. So let’s dive in our today’s make-up look.


It is a prime ingredient of your make-up. Make sure you have prepared your face before like you have applied things like moisturizer, serum, etc. These are a few ingredients that are meant to be used during the day as well as the night. Once your face is prep, you need to apply a thin layer of foundation on your face. If your skin is oily then avoid using cream-based products. Basically, your face is moisturized before so matt or liquid products will work nicely. Match the neck and the face tone, otherwise you will look strange. No need to cover the blemishes just yet we will use concealer for that. Now, apply a thin layer and spread it evenly matching your neck with the face.

Contour and Conceal

Before you conceal the marks try doing contouring. Since contouring can hide your mark on the forehead and around the check and the jawline. So if you have some acne scars or blemishes around these areas cover them with contour before you apply concealer to them. The reason for contouring before is concealer is light in shade and if you observe it is highlighting the scars rather than covering it due to its lighter tone. However, the bronzer will hide the blemish behind its dark tone making it non-cakey and it will look like your skin. Once contouring is done if you see any visible marks then use a concealer over it as well as the under-eye area. Make sure that you blend in the product into the skin. You can use the foundation brush to blend in the product.

Powder and Blush

Now, set the concealed area with the powder so that there aren’t any layers. Moreover, if your face had some oil in the area it will be concealed that as well. Now, use the blush to make you check one pop up. Since it is summer no need to make them exact pink. Especially if you are white tone then use it to a minimal amount. Take the blush on your foundation brush and dab it gently in the area you apply blush. Don’t scatter it all along the cheeks just the bone. Make sure the blush matches on both ends. It shouldn’t be more one side and plain in another.

Eye Make-Up

For the eye look, you need to keep it in the brown tone. Usually, we have the eye area slightly darker than the other skin. In order to keep it that way, you need to use slightly brown shade on the inner eye corner as well as the outer eye. Leave the center and add a light bit of shimmer like a highlighter to this area. It should be in brown or brass tone. A copper tone will not give you the look. The hint of shimmer in the center will look appreciative. These looks in all will not take much of your time. It is simple if you don’t have blemishes then you can skip on contouring. However, it will be better to manage some time for your look.

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