Things That You Should Consider Not Buying

All of us buy stuff that we plan on wearing during one or another season. Somehow, when we are purchasing, we like the product so much that we almost forget what the purpose of it is? Do we really need this product? Well, the questions can never be answered until we put a stop to our habit. So today we will be sharing with some of the items that you think are worth investing every summer. However, to our best judgment, we think that you will not need these in new until and unless you are in fashion blogging. So, let’s just begin.

Bermuda shorts

The summer trend of Bermuda shorts with blazers has not been hidden from us. Although this trend is pretty and stylish, it makes a way less sense if you are dressing in these formally or informally. These shorts with blazers could be your office look if you work in a creative environment but if your office has rules and regulations on dressing then you need to make sure that you wear the office appropriate dress. Bermuda shorts aren’t going to be the outfit you will need to dress yourselves in. Talking about shorts you will be having shorts from the previous season which are still in trend this year. So let’s just stick to the previous preexisting shorts.


Going to the beach or pool is common during summers. In order to go to the beach or the pool, you need swimwear, purchasing them every year is useless. You can always style the basic swimwear like the white or something in neon. Having two swimwears can suffice your years of summer. Many girls can go crazy shopping for the perfect bikini. It is important to understand your physic, and style in the perfect swimwear for your shape. Therefore, you might have the satisfaction that it is best suitable for your body and you can live with one or two in these. You can always carry a kimono or a scarf with it in various styles to give a new get up to the look. These scarves can further come useful when you style your summer outfit or during winters as well. Moreover, the scarves cost you must lesser than the pricy ones.

Oversize Dresses

You can get for an oversized dressing if you like but to be honest, it is going to be a short-lived fashion. You cannot wear them forever. Plus, we find this trend to be more about nightwear and less about outwear. It is going to be a short live trend for sure and you cannot wear the oversized dress forever. We are just referring to the dress here no blazers, jackets or tops, etc are involved in these. Even, if you are still interested in getting these then take them in neutral tones like grey, white or black. Wearing black in summer can really be undesirable so don’t go for it, chose the summery colors. However, if you agree with us that it isn’t worth spending on these dresses in the first place as it is something which we might not even wear more than once in a lifetime.


Purchasing heels that you already have is another useless expenditure that we girls love to do. You probably have nude pumps in leather but on seeing the suede nude pumps you want to grab those as well. Even when you know that the nudes in suede will get dirtier much faster than the leather ones. Therefore, always have a perspective in mind of what you are going to wear and what is not. This helps you not only save money but gather clutter in your home. Buying heels that aren’t comfortable like which are three or more inches long will again be of no use as they will again end up in the back of your closet.

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