Do’s and Don’ts of airport OOTD

We don’t know when it came and how it came, but suddenly the airport looks became a really huge deal. Not that we are complaining, but this is something that people never really used to care about. And now that it has become a thing then why not hop onto the train and join the league of creating airport ootd. While style is important but comfort is something that should also be checked for, in all your outfits. Regardless of how long your flight is, especially if you are traveling overseas, picking the right outfit becomes extremely important here. Not only would you want to make your outfit look stylish but comfortable too. And keeping that in mind, we decided to make a list of some do’s and don’ts for you that will help you to plan the most badass outfit for your plane ride.

Do wear sweatpants

During your long in-flights hours, you would want to be in your comfiest feel and that’s what sweatpants are for. They not only look very cool and trendy but are also extremely comfy to be worn for a really long time. You can wear them in endless ways, that’s completely up to you what style you are rooting for, if you are comfortable carrying it with a pair of pumps then team up your sweatpants with a voluminous formal top. And if you are more into basic and elegant looks then pairing it with a crisp white shirt must be your safest bet. Either way, you will look simply amazing.

Don’t wear jeans

While jeans are versatile pieces of clothing but they are not really the smartest choice of outfit to carry on your plane ride. We all know flights can be really stuffy and you can always use something that can make you feel even the slightest comfy, and jeans are surely not one of those pieces that can make you feel your comfiest best. Not only they feel too stiff on the body but they also start to feel too uncomfortable if worn for a longer time. So avoid wearing them, and instead, choose more comfy bottoms.

Do dress smart

By smart it could mean anything, from a structured coat to a nice blazer, you can also rock these two at the airport in the most elegant and chic way. This look will also work especially when you have to head straight to the venue for a meeting or an event. Carry a comfy button-down shirt underneath your blazer or coat and crease-resistant slacks to create a sharp airport look. All the pieces involved in the creation of this outfit offer a great amount of comfort and good looks as well so you can never really go wrong with this look.

Don’t go overboard with your jewelry

The key to pulling off the airport look in the most stylish way is to keep things minimal but super chic. While jewelry is an important part of your outfit but you surely wouldn’t want to go overboard with it or else the metal detectors won’t set off. In addition to that, you also wouldn’t want your jewelry to poke your skin or dig deeper into your cheek or chin. This is why, always keep your jewelry light, for instance, adding lightweight hoops or a simple necklace will help to add a stylish yet minimal element to your look.

Do wear tights or leggings

Tights or leggings are another comfiest pair of bottoms you can carry on a plane ride. Not only they are extremely versatile but are stretchy too that is probably the best thing any girl could wear on a plane ride. You can team it up with almost anything, from the most casual t-shirts to the fanciest blouses. Finish off the look by carrying sneakers with it and you will be good to go.

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