Cool hairstyling methods every curly-haired girl should know

While hard work will always take you a long way, sometimes it’s best to do smart work than dedicating all your energy into doing things that will help deliver a successful outcome. And this is applicable to curly mane as well. Dealing with curly hair doesn’t require hard work but smart work instead. Only curly-haired girls would know how difficult it can be to work with curls. But curly hair doesn’t require as much maintenance as it seems, doing things the right way and smartly will definitely help save a lot of time, energy, and even some money as well.

You no longer will have to spend so much time in long masking sessions or reach for your heat styling tools to make your curls appear good after learning about a couple of smart hairstyling methods that make it so much easier to work with a curly mane. The techniques in question are pretty cool and smart; all the curly-haired girls out there will find the said methods really useful and amazing. While you might already be aware of a few techniques, some lesser-known ones are yet to gain more attention. If you have struggled to make your curls look good, your struggle ends here. Listed below are some smart hairstyling methods every curly-haired girl should include in her hair care routine.

The smasters method

This technique is all about how much product you should be taking for your curly mane. If you are someone who ends up finishing products pretty quickly or does a lot of wastage, then you should definitely learn this technique. Take half the amount of styling product you are supposed to take, apply it to your wet hair and let it air dry till it is 50% dry. Now, wet your palms, take some more product based on the kind of texture you are hoping to achieve, and then apply it on your strands. It is an excellent way to ensure that you are using the right amount of product without making any wastage.

The volume clap

Do you want to add some crazy amount of volume to curly mane? This technique will help achieve the desired look. This method involves clapping your hands between your curls. It may not feel the right thing to do considering moving around freshly styled curly mane could result in frizziness, but when done right, it can actually add heaps of volume to your mane. After ensuring that your hair has completely dried and styling your mane, flip your head upside down and start clapping your hands between your curls, make sure to be super quick to achieve the desired result.

Curl recall

The majority of curly-haired girls have one or more spots on their heads where the curls never sit right. And if you are also one of those, here’s a way to fix this problem. Your curls don’t have to look sad or dropped, you can simply use a curl recall cream to make the curls on that spot/spots on your head look equally good as the rest of your head. Take some amount of cream, apply it to that section and secure it to your scalp using a bobby pin after curling it in-between your fingers. Diffuse that section of your hair. and you will be good to go.

Layering different gels

This technique is known to keep your curls well-nourished even in high heat and humidity areas. Firstly, take your hair cream or a leave-in conditioner, and apply it to your hair. Once you are done doing that, layer three different hair gels simultaneously, this will help to seal moisture in your locks. Allow your hair to air dry or you can use your diffuser, and you will be good to go.

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