Chic ways to make your sweatpants look more perked up

Sweatpants have become one of those trusty staples in our wardrobes that we girls can’t seem to get enough of. They are super comfy, easy to wear, and most importantly incredibly versatile which may sound hard to believe at first considering its super casual and simple looks. While perking up a piece like this or making it appear expensive feels like a little impossible thing to do but as long as you’re styling this piece with the right amount of jazz by using some fashion articles, there’s nothing that can stop you from making your sweatpants look a lot chicer.
Sweatpants are one of a kind item; they can be worn and styled any way you like. Even if they didn’t cost you a hefty amount, by making a few additions to this piece, you can easily make your sweatpants look a lot chicer and expensive as well.

Tall socks

One of the easiest ways to make your sweatpants look a lot chicer and jazzed up is by adding a pair of crew socks to the look. Jogger sweatpants with cinched hem look incredibly cool and stylish when paired with classic tall crew socks. You can either pick up a pair with Nike’s iconic logo which seems to be trending at the moment or you can pick a simple and plain ribbed pair. Either way, it will add more interest to your outfit. Also, crew socks are trending at the moment so you better not miss the chance to experiment with this trend.

Ribbed tanks

Ribbed tanks are another one of the most popular trends at the moment. They have a certain appeal to them and they might look quite simple but these ribbed tanks do have a very forward feel to them. It is that staple in every woman’s wardrobe that can be donned both during summers and spring and it also happens to pair up incredibly well with sweatpants and make it look more elevated.  Pick them in neutral hues so that they can easily be paired with all your sweatpants, no matter the color.

Bold gold jewelry

Something as little as a piece of jewelry can make a maximum impact on the way your outfit looks. But this time, your jewelry won’t be small in fact, it will be as chunky and bold as you can imagine. With chunky gold jewelry trending everywhere, this seems the perfect opportunity for you to hop onto the trend and add loads of drama and bling to your sweatpants. With a hint of gold, you can completely change the way your sweatpants look and the result can be quite astonishing and chicer if you may ask us. You can either stack a few pieces of gold jewelry together or you can simply don a single statement piece, the choice is yours to make.


Another surprising way to work up your casual and comfy sweatpants is by pairing it up with one of your sexy bodysuits. While teaming up your sweatpants with one of your tees may seem enough to you but it doesn’t actually make for one polished outfit. Instead of wearing your regular tees, consider styling your sweatpants with a bodysuit, say one with a bare back and it will do all the job that needs to be done. Just make sure to tuck it neatly inside your sweatpants to make things look more streamlined and polished.

White sneakers

A very few pairs of shoes manage to look good with sweatpants and white sneakers are certainly one of those. White sneakers have this exceptional ability to work up any kind of outfit even if it’s a comfy pair of sweatpants. By pairing crisp white sneakers with your sweatpants, you can easily change the way it appears to you, and instead it will create a sporty look in no time that’s a lot better than a laidback look.

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