Get a Vacation Make-Up Kit Ready with These Palettes

Packing a vacation-ready make-up kit can be a hefty task because you have so much to pack and you just cannot forget anything so making a list is what you do. You make a list of clothing, routine essentials and when it comes to make-up, you write carry a make-up kit. Well here you do a thing wrong, a make-up kit can have loads of products and items in it which you will or will not need. So make up your mind in what to carry and what not. It is super important and we are here to help you deceide. Thus, let’s get you the make-up items you need to carry for a vacation.

Basis Ones

Everyone knows you have to carry tampons or small napkins for under protection. Even when you have got your menstrual cycle over carrying tampons can be really useful. Sometimes you have got germs and whatnot in the washroom you might have to use on the vacation thus carrying this can be beneficial. Besides, you must carry your shampoo and conditioner for the trip. Your skin will react differently in other temperatures therefore, you must keep a moisturizer. you must add some face products.

Face Products

There are five to six make-up products that you have to carry for a long or short trip. One is your face cleanser and toner as they go hand in hand. Then, you can have to have a face moisturizer and then sunscreen is a must, must have. As you are going to be on a trip hitting the road most of the time applying a high SPF sunscreen is obligated. Then, the foundation is required. You can skip concealer, bronzer, and blush in this as you will have alternatives. Besides use the product generously on your skin and don’t skip your skincare routine as we usually get the dead skin, fine lines on the face after vacation if things weren’t catered well before.

Eye-Shadow Palette

Talking about the alternative you must get yourself a good, not so big shadow palette. It must be smudge-proof and there should be not tiny particles left here and there. A good eye shadow palette color can work nicely for a bronzer and blush. It is a must that you invest in a creamy palette as it will give a nice look to the eye. Powder colors stay better on primer applied eyes whereas creamy ones stick without any primer. Now, what colors do you need? You need a base sort of ivory shade in it and then some nude matt shades for eye crease and face highlighting. It goes without saying the eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, and mascara will go along with the shadow palette. If you apply fake lashes then you can keep them as well.


Carry a highlighter is a must for vacation. You already get the peach glow when you are on vacation and then highlighter is just the perfect topping enhancing the peach glow. You can apply highlighter to your eyes, your face, to the nose tip, and it will add the glimmer to the party face. It can be a really elegant look for a day make-up while you are street shopping as you will have the base and just the right amount of glitter on your cheeks and eyes. You can wear a red lip-shade with this look to give an even tone to the face.


The last item is your brushes and the beauty blender. These two will last all time. Carry two-three brushes to wear eye shadows and the spoolie to set the brows. Carrying a lip brush is required as well. Having a buffing brush can come handy. So you need these five brushes with you for sure. Speaking of brushes you can need some Q-tips to clear if anything is not looking right.

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