Dry shampoo hacks you probably didn’t know

Greasy and oily hair is something that honestly no girl likes witnessing as it not only makes them feel gross but also results in the build-up of dirt which is the last thing to be happening. However, some girls are blessed with a scalp that produces natural oils in more than the required amount and ends up making their hair feel greasy and oily just after 2 days of washing it. And no girl can risk washing their hair more than twice or thrice a week as it can maximize the chances of hair damage which is the last thing anyone wants to deal with. Problems are many but the solution is only one and that is dry shampoo. Most of you girls must be well familiar with this one heck of a product that can work like a magic wand and make your appear oil-free and fresh in no time. Dry shampoo contains mattifying ingredients which help to absorb the excess oil and dirt from your scalp. However, that’s not the only way of taking advantage of this wondrous of a product, there are so many other things this product is capable of doing.
We have listed 5 other ways of using dry shampoo which may come as a sweet shock to you.

Volumizes thin hair

Thin hair comes with its own set of drawbacks. And girls with thin hair do everything in their power to add some volume to their mane and make it appear volumized and a volumizing spray has always been their safest bet which at times can feel heavy and natural when applied on hair. This is when a dry shampoo can come to your rescue. Swap your volumizing spray with a dry shampoo in a matte formula. Spray the product on your styled hair and let it work its magic. Dry shampoo is capable of adding a good amount of volume to hair without weighing it down.

Add temporary tint to your locks

Do you love coloring your hair? But can’t risk overdoing it as you may end up damaging it? No worries. We are here to help you out with that. If you haven’t looked at dry shampoo beyond its texturizing goodness then it’s time you see its another amazing property and that’s to add tint to hair which is of course temporary. Look for dry shampoos that contain the color of your choice, you can pick the one that is one shade lighter to your hair color so that you can add a highlighting effect to your mane which will stay till your next wash.

Keeps the bangs away from your forehead

As much as we like getting bangs, they can be annoying at times especially when they just cannot stop themselves from touching our forehead. This mostly happens during the summer season and to make sure that this doesn’t happen again, put that dry shampoo to use and spray it on the underside of your bangs, doing so will prevent them from sticking to your forehead.

Will keep your hair accessories in place

Hair accessories are a big part of every girl’s fashion wardrobe but sometimes they can be a little too difficult and frustrating to work with especially those bobby pins and embellished studs that keep slipping off the hair no matter how carefully you’ve put them on. To help yourself get out of this problem, you better make the use of dry shampoo which is filled with mattifying goodness. Spray a little bit of the product on the pins before putting them on and you will see how well they are behaving with no movements at all.

Separate your curls

Curled hair looks all chic and classy but it’s extremely important to get the hairstyle right or else you can end up with too-tight curls that are caused due to the high heat setting of the styling tool. And honestly, those tight curls look nothing but disastrous but this is the time when you should think calmly and use something that can help to loosen up the curls. A dry shampoo yet again makes a surprising entry here and helps you achieve the curls of your dreams that look effortlessly chic. Spray the product through the curls and it will help to loosen them up a bit.

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