5 Ways To Restore The Skin’s Natural pH Balance

Maintaining the skin’s natural pH balance is really important if you want to have a healthy, clear, and glowing complexion. But, we disrupt the natural pH level of the skin by using harsh and chemically loaded products and also incorporating the wrong skincare practices.
We believe that having healthy skin depends on the combination of right skincare products and practices. If you have a dull complexion, textured skin, and blemish-prone skin, it’s because you have hammered the skin’s pH level and to restore that we have gathered a few effective tips that will really help you out!

Avoid Harsh Cleansers

Cleansers are the most important step in our skincare. It’s the basic product we all use to clean our skin and thus choosing the right cleansers can be a real game-changer.
If you want to reinstate the skin’s natural pH level make sure you choose a cleanser that is free from all the harmful chemicals and is gentle on the skin. When you wash your face with harmful cleansers you strip off the natural moisture content of the skin making it irritated and dry. Thus, pay attention to the ingredients of the cleansers before you buy them.

Avoid Soap

If you still prefer using soap to wash your face, you’re seriously harming your skin to an extreme level. Soap is harsh on the skin even if they tend to be mild. We mean soaps are great for the body but not for the face.
Soap like the harmful chemicals, strip off the natural moisture content because they are not formulated to maintain the skin’s natural pH level and thus you feel inflamed and dry skin. Also, if you wash your face with soap you clog the pores and experience skin problems like blackheads and acne.

Switch To Lukewarm Water

We know you all have been advised to wash your face with cold water but if you’re working to restore the pH level of the skin, lukewarm water works best. Lukewarm water or water at room temperature is the ideal level of water to wash your face.
Avoid using freeze or chilled water to wash your face. Lukewarm water not only rebalances the pH level but also nourishes the skin and removes all the texture of the skin. Thus, make sure you wash your face with lukewarm water only.

Organic Products

The best way to restore the natural pH level of the skin is to simply switch to natural products. The natural products are infused with all the healthy ingredients that don’t harm your skin’s natural level.
We would recommend you use as many natural products as you can. While we don’t say to avoid other products but always look for the products that are meant to restore the natural pH level of the skin.
You will see a huge difference in the skin if you switch to the natural or organic skincare products. Dull skin, uneven texture, and blemishes are a few things that would be kicked off the list.


Diet also plays a huge role in restoring the skin’s natural pH level. Your skin is what you feed it from both outside and inside. Thus, make sure you follow a diet rich in all the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. With regular consumption of a healthy diet, you’ll see a great improvement in the quality of the skin.

So, these are a few tips you can follow to rebalance the natural pH level of the skin. We hope the information helps you out in the best possible manner.

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