Winter trends that feel outdated and the ones that are popular this year

Are you ready for yet another wardrobe transition? No matter if you are ready or not, winter is just around the corner, and since this season can be pretty harsh and unforgiving in terms of weather, you have no other option than preparing your mind and wardrobe to survive the coldest months of the year. Much like any other season, it’s quite obvious to expect some changes in winter fashion trends, and which is exactly what we are here to discuss today. In addition to getting you familiar with trends that will be everywhere this year, we also took it upon us to get you acquainted with trends that feel outdated now. You can use this article as a way to get you motivated to purge your closet in order to get rid of articles that are just collecting the dust and feels outdated now and make space for pieces that are trending at the moment. We have rounded up a list of trends that are in and out of winter fashion.

Out: Houndstooth pattern
In: Flannel

Although we have to agree that houndstooth print is one of the classic and preppy prints we get to see a lot in winter, it most definitely has lost the charm and feels outdated this year. The fashion crowd is inclining more towards classic flannels and plaids, both of which exude winter vibes. You can easily find this trend in a variety of iterations, button-down shirts and shackets are some of the best examples.

Out: Hiking boots
In: Wellies/Rain boots

Boots are one of the iconic winter staples, however, the boot trends keep changing every year, and this year, it’s all about wellies. Hiking boots are one of the practical yet trendy boot styles, but you won’t be spotting them much this year, and that’s because they are officially out of the game, for now at least. Rain boots are here as a replacement for hiking boots, and honestly, we are loving this switch. They are as season and weather-friendly as they can get, you can find them in a myriad of chic options, stick to the one that speaks to you.

Out: Tweed fabric
In: Leather

Winter tends to feel a bit incomplete without the classic tweed, and while this fabric is most popularly known for its ability to add some texture to the look, it has started to feel a bit outdated now, which is the reason why we are seeing a major shift from tweed fabrics to leather items this year. From jackets and dresses to coats and pants, you can spot this trend in an array of chic and stylish options.

Out: Massive puffer jacket
In: Regular puffer jacket

There was a time when massive puffer jackets were a thing, and fashion people enjoyed wearing them, however, it’s not the same anymore. Massive puffer jackets had their time, but people have moved over them and are now leaning more towards regular or neutral puffer jackets that don’t feel massive or bigger than their actual size. If you are planning to buy the puffer, think practically and opt for the one that looks appropriate both color and size-wise.

Out: Colorful tights
In: Prep-school socks

Tights have always been one of the best ways to wear dresses in winter, and you can continue to wear colorful tights with your winter outfits for as long as possible, however, if you want to make your outfit look fully on-trend, you should probably stick to prep-school socks. Both ankle and knee-high socks are trending hard this year, wearing them with your outfits will add a preppy feel to the look.

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