Why Skincare is More Important than Makeup?

We all are so much obsessed with makeup that the new launches just overwhelm us and we can’t wait to get our hands on them. It’s a very universal and exclusive feeling almost every one of us can relate to. If you peek inside your vanity what would you find more obviously makeup, and that shows how much dedicated we are. But is it worth splurging on such a hefty price tag? Makeup is not something affordable these days and cost us a fortune! And would we even need that if you spend the same money on some skincare? These thoughts have made a large section of women swap their priorities who were once a makeup freak.

Makeup is important you can’t deny that we mean how many of us dare to step out of houses without filling our brows or applying favorite lip shades, hardly any? Makeup is really a quick fix; woke up with puffy eyes you can just fix it with concealer and you’re good to go, a pimple just pops you always have your concealer mends for that, uneven texture, the foundation is your go-to product. However, have you ever thought makeup is just a reactive approach towards all your skin problems, not a treatment but an escape? The health and quality of your skin depending on how you’re taking care of it. Good and effective skincare will demand fewer makeup fixes and top of that the makeup will just glide and sit on properly. For attractive and glowy skin it’s way more than makeup.

The feed will tell you how your dedication to skincare can change your approach towards makeup. Keep reading! You’re soon to have a thought makeover.

You Get to Know Your Skin Better-

When you’re actually aiming to indulge in skincare you are actually digging inside your skin. What type you have, what products will suit your skin, what are your concerns that need to be dealt, and so on? Whereas when it comes to makeup you do actually not understand your skin but the makeup products you yearn to splash out on.
Curating a skincare routine for self is a very long process since the market is brimming with a variety of skincare stuff you analyze what needs to be invested in but in case of makeup you have a reverse move you buy what you like. And when you know your skin you will surely choose the right makeup products.

Trim down The Amount of Makeup You’ll Want-

How much time you need to apply makeup, if we calculate it fairly that would be 3 months. Concealing blemishes, acne marks, hiding the dark circles, pigmentation, and whatnot. We all have got a fair share of problems to fix. But, it’s not something a real solution but a superficial and short-term step. Once you remove your make the problems pop out, it’s nothing you’ve done to improve the health of your skin.
However, if you indulge in a daily skincare routine you are treating your concerns right. Surely skincare is not something a quick fix but is always an effective and permanent way out. With healthy skin, you’ll save big bucks you used to spend on makeup because probably you won’t need any extra cover-up.

Makeup Will Glide-On Properly-

When it comes to skincare and makeup, obviously skincare weighs more. You can have skincare without makeup it just works perfectly well but makeup without skincare you can’t even imagine. The right skincare routine that is a combination of cleanser, toner, exfoliation, serum, and cream, will make the makeup products to glide and sit on your skin better. With skincare, the makeup application just goes on smoothly. And trust us you won’t face any hard time in blending and blending that out.

Skincare is a Proactive Approach-

Skincare is a proactive approach. You’re investing in your skin for preventing the future problems it might face. Aging is something inevitable we mean once we all do that. Your skin will lose elasticity and collagen that will lead to saggy skin and wrinkles. However, using sunscreen or other counter skincare products now you are actually preventing the aging process and minimizing the effect to a great extent.

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