What To Avoid When You Have Sensitive Skin

Anyone with sensitive skin knows how selective you need to be. You just can’t use anything you saw your friend using. You must have gone through the pain-your friend recommended you something that, of course, turned out to be a game-changer for her but for you clearly didn’t work, agreed? You have to go through a lot of tests, reviews to finally choose the right products that your skin is ready to date with and not certainly a random pick of any product.

Even if the product claims to be formulated for sensitive skin doesn’t mean it is unless your skin accepts it. The point is it’s really important anything you use suits your skin doesn’t irritate or damages your skin. To choose from different products, to mingle your skincare and makeup products- it’s a task.

Well, if that is the case we are here to help you out! We have scoped out the worst ingredients that you should never use if you have sensitive skin.  So, eliminate these things from your slab ASAP.



If you look at the ingredients of even the high-end products you’ll find fragrance infused in them. So, you surely need to throw them out. If you’re a sensitive skin person you just need to keep this ingredient away from your skin. Always look for products that are fragrance–free to keep your skin away from redness or any flare-up.

Fragrances are made up of harsh chemicals that can ruin the texture of your skin and trigger the sensitivity of your skin. Sensitive skin can’t tolerate the level of harsh chemicals present in the fragrances so always look for fragrance-free products.

Another important thing when you look for fragrance-free, do not to get confused with unscented products. Fragrance-free means nothing is added to the product but unscented means a small amount of ingredient is added to give the product smell.


Chemical Sunscreen

Another thing you need to stay away from is chemical sunscreens. There are two types of sunscreens- chemical and mineral.  When getting your sunscreen restocked always look for two products- titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. If the sunscreen has these two ingredients you can but that. The mineral-type sunscreen is made up of these two ingredients that are good for sensitive skin. On the other hand, chemical ingredients are made of a bunch of chemicals that might trigger your sensitive skin.


SLS- Sodium Lauryl Sulfates

You have heard not to use this several times, so when are you refraining your skin-care lot from this harmful ingredient. SLS is readily used in clarifying shampoos to provide a rich lather that we get while washing our mane. But, nowadays you can also spot the ingredients in the line of your skincare products, particularly in cleansers, lotions, and sunscreens. SLS is very harmful to your sensitive skin. These might not cause you something serious like skin cancer but certainly, they are not good for your skin either. So, avoid using any product that is infused with SLS.


Strong Concentration of Chemical Exfoliants

There are two types of chemical exfoliants available- AHA and BHA.   Chemical exfoliants are really good for your skin but using them in too much high concentration can do the harm to your skin rather than doing any benefit. When using chemical exfoliants always build your skin’s resistance towards the chemical exfoliants. Try using low concentration at first and then gradually raise the concentration in that way you can save your sensitive skin from any odd. Always use 2% or 3%  of chemical acids initially.

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