What should you have in your vanity?

Every girl’s favorite thing to do is shop. Shop- anything and everything! The wardrobe looks like an overflowing waterfall but we can’t help it and shop even more. And it’s not that we spend on just apparel and footwear the most. There is an equal amount or maybe more on makeup essentials, vanity kit, and skin products. It’s like an obsession when you spot that new lip shade in the market and crave to buy it right away. That’s why your dressing room is equally overflowing! After all, who can say no to makeup? If you’re one of those girls who have a hell lot of hoarded makeup, then you really need a guide to the perfect vanity because you can’t carry everything with you. A vanity bag is a compact kit in which you can carry your essential cosmetics wherever you go!

Here are the tips for building the Perfect Vanity Collection


SHEER BASEA base is what you put on the face for a very smooth and flawless appearance. Everyone loves to go out all dressed up in fancy clothes with a radiant face. But the harsh sun in summer and freezing cold in winter never let that glow last for long on your face. That’s why a base is the most essential thing in your vanity bag. You can pick any brand according to your skin type with SPF for illuminating effect. A base need not be a foundation or primer, it can be a tinted moisturizer as well. The purpose of using a base is to show a ‘no make-up make-up look.’ Apply a light layer or thick coverage-whatever you like, cover it up with a compact and it will last all day long.


concealerTo conceal is to hide your flaws. Concealer totally justifies the job of hiding all your scars, acne, under-eye bags, and dark circles. With a light base and concealer, you can look flawless all day. The good thing about concealer is that you can always re-apply it on your problem areas, whenever required in the day. Use a hydrating one for winter when dryness creeps into your skin, settling into fine lines. We call it hard-working because this formula really combats with your flaws and hide them wonderfully. T=it is a must in your vanity for all occasions.


Blush Want to appear lively and glowing from a distance? Pick a blusher! A nice tinted blush in rose and bronze does the perfect job of adding instant glow to your face. Even if you don’t have time for applying makeup, don’t worry because you have this masterpiece in your bag. Just blush it over your cheekbones and you’ll get an instant glow on the face in no time. You’ll be ready in a matter of seconds! It is one of the easiest and fastest ways to bring life back to the dull face. Pick a neutral pink shade for a natural look and bronze shade for a more highlighted look.


SETTING POWDERNo time for applying a base and concealer? Then this is your ultimate rescue. Pick the perfect compact powder in your skin shade and dab it all over the face. This won’t give a very high coverage but will definitely help your skin look polished and smooth for a good span of time. Swirl your blush over the apple of your cheeks and you’re ready to go! This is the most minimal amount of makeup one can put on their face. It’s a beauty hack for all those women who don’t like using makeup or end up dressing in a car. Pack this in your vanity and get going on all errands!


NUDE LIPSTICKA nude lipstick looks flattering for every occasion. Gone are the days when dark colors were the best picks for nigh time because now, the case is opposite. Of course, you can wear whatever shade you like, but nudes go with everything. If you have it in your bag, then you don’t have to worry about hoarding more shades in your vanity. This one alone will do all the job. Just line your lips with a dark shade and blend it with the nude lipstick for a staple look. It looks more than natural and there’s no need for fixing it time and again.


MascaraYour eyes need attention too. They say a lot about you than any other feature can. With a little drama on the eyes, you can go from drab to fab! Having a mascara in your kit is multi-purpose. Firstly, it can be used to curl your eyelashes which creates enough difference; secondly, you can use the tip of mascara for applying kohl on your lower lids too. It’s like an everyday staple for many women and never fails to impress!

Bottom line

As far as your makeup kit is concerned, you can have everything in the world! But your vanity is more of an emergency and handy kit that you would need for every situation. You can’t move around carrying each and everything. But with these essentials, look makeup-ready flawless in no time!

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