What Handbags To Carry This Year?

Every year the fashion industry is growing vastly. The fashions walk happening before every season never ceases to amaze us with their breathtaking collection of cloths jewelry, accessories, shoes, and whatnot. I mean from head to toe everything changes by the passing of a few months and we have the next best thing for ourselves. Sometimes we have those old look back, and sometimes to have some transformation to the old ones which makes it all the way more interesting. So let’s see what we have got today.

Puffy Bags

The cutest of all is the furry bags, the fur hanging or cover bags looks so classy and elegant. They don’t give you a cheap fabric look moreover the look is exceptional. The animal fur and the long fur hanging along the bag make its look slightly bigger than it’s actual size. The plus point of these is that most of them are structured bags and have space to carry everyday equip with ease. The faux fur, shearling, beads with gold looks like a great accessory to pair your looks. You will find these bags on the major bags stores and some of the online websites.

Embedded Croc

Croc fall in a category of luxurious bags they have a perfect structure and many sizes and shape. But they are perfectly balanced and the strip of the bags is soft leather which doesn’t leave any marks on the skin if worn for a long time. The majority of these bags are formed with the help of animal skin leather. Thus they have those original skin patterns. Sometimes you get them in symmetry otherwise the short and big square are commonly found. Again you will be able to locate them all the online stores and the shopping places. Get yourself in nude, so that you can carry it with any dress.

One’s not enough

When one is not enough, you need two bags. Usually, most of the girls carry a small violet with their big purse to keep the cash, cards, etc. I am one of those people as well. I always carry a tiny purse that has a little cash and some of the cards. The new looks need you to carry two pursesat once is making me curious to try on. What’s your thought one that? There are sets of purse, you have been observing one is bigger and another smaller version is placed next to it. That’s the look we are talking about. You could easily avail these in the nearby market; probably you will be having these in your closet before.

Format bags

The geometrical figures have a certain particular format and thus the format bag comes in multiple shapes. You get the cylindrical shape bags, square are the common ones. Now you have got the circle and rectangular shape as well. Induce all these forms in your wardrobe and you have the collection for the year to come. You get them with a similar pattern over the bag as well then nothing is merrier than that. If you carefully visualize the picture of the spring fashion walk, you will be able to identify our picked collection.


Aren’t you a bit curious about the pattern on the snakeskin, whenever I see a snake closely (online, not real one guys, I am afraid of them, the poison beasts) I mean the dark, light spots on its skin is astonishing, which makes our suggestion possible match for all your dress this year. Get yourself them in the different colors probably the skin mustard, brownish tone will pair well for all the outfits. You can go for the colorful yellow snakeskin bag as it looks just startling.

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