Ways You Can Look Skinny Through Dressing

If you have a pulpy body then you wonder it for most of the time that you need to become thinner or look thin with the help of the dressing. However, this century is about showing extra curves. We look at celebrities or young influencers who fascinate today’s generation. Most of these Celebes have some extra curves on their bodies. Due to this, we are seeing the increasing rate of plastic surgeries where women tend to grow or elaborate on certain parts of their bodies. One thing in common is they have a thin waist and legs. So if you have some extra curves then you need to work on the tummy and waist region to make yourselves look slimmer. So let’s discuss the dressing in detail.

Black Monochromatic Look

Although, people say that wearing all black head to toe can make women look like she has lost ten pounds but truly you look like you have lost three to four pounds max in this case. It is also commonly said that when you are feeling doubtful about what to wear try dressing up in black. It is not only a flattering color but also helps in maintaining your body shape. It has the capability to hide the flaws of your body. So style in your little black dress and trick the eyes of another person.

Shape Wear

Investing in good shapewear is ideally the best thing that an apple body or people with heavy tummy area can do. If you have got a lesser tummy fat then it can be gone in seconds and if you have more then it will not make your tummy tiers visible. It will give them one shape and turn your bulge into a single curve. You must invest in a nice pair of shapewear because not all end up giving you the same look. So make sure you study the size guide. They are meant to be tight at first but they open up with time giving you nice comforting shape. It always pinpoints your waist region making it look thinnest of rest of the body.

No Round Toe

Round toe shoes are old fashioned. Most of us still purchase them. But these have lost their trend over time. However, over the years we have got the pointed toe and square toe shows. It creates an illusion of a more sleek figure. Preferably go for pointed toes most of the time. Square toes can be done but the pointed toe will help you better in this case. They make your legs look thinner because of the point they are hitting on.

Hair Style

If you have a round face then you can tie your hair behind your ears. You can tie them in a braid, ponytail, or a bun it’s your choice. But if you want to have the face cuts then you need to have the hair cut according to the face shape. You need to have bangs and those bangs should cut you at the right spot. If they don’t cut you on the right spot then you will not be able to reflect a perfect face shape. Some of us have got a bigger forehead; some have a wide cheekbone. Well, these all can be corrected with the help of your hair styling. So next time, you go for a hair cut make sure you visualize your face shape.


V-necks work extremely well for any body type. The V reflected on the chest area makes you look like you have broad upper and as it ends near your breasts it makes you look thinner. Basically, you need to accentuate the area which is thin on your body or creates the illusion of it and a V neck helps you achieve the goal. You can wear a sheer blouse and pair it with V-neck spaghetti to create that illusion.

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