Vintage fashion trends that have made a comeback in 2019

No matter what people say and what style comes and go, when it comes to the vintage era we can’t stop ourselves from reminiscing the old times in the form of clothes, shoes, and accessories. There are a few styles that we just can’t get over because of how amazing and stylish they look. And when we see them making a comeback this year we can’t be more than happier. Because it’s not every day we get to dress up in vintage clothing but now that we have found a reason, we feel nothing but happy about it. This vintage trend has not only shone brightly on the runways but is also being accepted widely by all the stylists, bloggers and influencers all around the world. You can easily give them a modern touch by styling them in different and cool ways. From mom jeans to scrunchies, they all here with a bang.

To enlighten you about them, we have rounded up a list of a few of the vintage fashion trends. Keep on reading to know about them.

1. Mom jeans

Mom jeans as we lovingly call them was quite a huge thing during the ‘80s, ‘90s and also in the early 2000s. But with all the continuous change in trends and styles, this piece went out of fashion. This year it made a comeback and we are totally loving it. Mom jeans are one of the hottest trends that have been going right now. These high waisted loose fitted jeans are being loved by people all over the world because of their ability to flatter almost every body type. These jeans look pretty amazing with almost every different top-wear and can be styled in numerous ways.

2. Fanny packs

Usually worn around the waistline above the hips, fanny packs also found their way in the comeback list. And quite honestly, it’s good to have them back in business. We have spotted many celebrities wearing these fanny packs and they look really stylish and edgy. To give it a more modern look, these packs are often spotted worn around the shoulders which make it look more like a traditional purse.

3. Scrunchies

You can never have too many hair ties especially if they look and feel oh-so-gorgeous. We are talking about the very famous “scrunchies”. They have taken the world by storm and they have all the right reasons to do so. Their stylish and beautiful looks are what appeal the people the most. From different materials to different styles and colors, scrunchies come in all.

4. Barrettes

There was a time when barrettes used to be a thing but it suddenly went out of style to many people’s disappointment. However, they have made a comeback this year and we aren’t complaining. These snap-on clips are a great way to incorporate something fun and colorful to your look. They come in all different embellishments and look very girly and amazing whenever donned with different looks.

5. Tie and dye

These hippies inspired style goes all the way back to the late ‘60s. It has yet again come out of its shell and is already being loved by many celebrities, stylists, and influencers. The tie-dye technique makes for a perfect clothing piece for fall. You can incorporate this style to any of your clothing pieces such as t-shirts and dresses. They will create a really fun and colorful choice to sport during this season.

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