Vaseline beauty hacks that will change your life

Vaseline has been around for god knows how many years and it has been serving as a great staple and is mostly used to get rid of chapped lips and cuticles. The only people who know how to make the right use of vaseline truly understand its worth. This is one of those beauty staples that can be found in almost every household and this can be attributed to the amazing and endless uses that can be made out of it. While the majority of people only know it for its amazing healing properties but the facts go beyond that.
To help you get to know all the amazing things you can do with petroleum jelly, we have compiled a list of a few beauty hacks that can be easily performed using vaseline.

Make anything look glossy

Vaseline has a very greasy and shiny formula and that can work favorably for many of your beauty products such as powder eyeshadow and highlighter. By mixing a tiny amount of vaseline with the powdery product, you can instantly make it look more glossy which certainly looks very gorgeous when applied. So the next time, you want to create a glossy eye look, mix one of your powder eyeshadow with vaseline and apply it to your lids, voila! Your eyes will look more gorgeous and popping. Similarly, you can put on a tiny amount of jelly on your matte lips to add a little sheen to it. The same goes for your powder highlighter, which when mixed with petroleum jelly will provide the same dewy glow that you get with liquid highlighter.

Keeps the nail polish off your skin No matter how carefully we apply the nail polish, somehow it always manages to go beyond our nails and ends up ruining the skin around it which looks hideous. To make sure that it doesn’t happen again, the next time you have to paint your nails, rub a little amount of vaseline on the skin around your nails. You can use a q-tip to do the job. After you are done painting them, use the same q-tip and swipe the area around your nails to get rid of excess nail polish, it will come off like dream.

Works as a lash primer

One of the best things about vaseline is its ability to work as a lash primer which helps in separating your lashes and make mascara work more amazingly. Before putting on the mascara, apply vaseline to your lashes using a spare and clean mascara wand, run it nicely through your lashes hair in a combing motion. This will allow the mascara to settle onto every single lash of yours and make them look fuller and thicker.

Helps the perfume last longer

Are you also annoyed with the fact that your perfume cannot last longer than a few hours even after spraying it in a good amount? If so, then you need not worry as we have an amazing trick to tell you which will ensure that you keep smelling fantastic throughout the day. Before spritzing the perfume, rub vaseline on the designated parts of your skin such as the inner side of the elbow, wrist, neck, under the knee, or any other corner as it will help you to lock in the fragrance.

Tame flyaways

Flyaways are one of the most annoying things that can happen to your hair especially when it is freshly washed. But again, when you have a vaseline by your side, there’s nothing you should be worried about. Take some amount of vaseline on a clean mascara wand and run it through your hair to tame all the flyaways, and in the process, it will also smoothen out your rough strands and make them look super smooth and sleek. You can also use it to tame your eyebrows.

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