Try Out Minimal Make-Up Vanity for a Simple Sorted Life

We girls love to buy make-up even when we have piles of it lying at home. We love to try different products and brushes that have recently launched and our friend suggested it has great results. What does buying new items do? At first, we just forget the previous one even exists, and then later we love it we just use that one forever until we come across another great product. Similarly, we go on and on, and we have dozens of things which we have but don’t use anymore. So today we will be discussing what efforts you need to make to have decluttered our vanity.


Not too heavily priced item, we tend to grab different blush every time to end up in the make-up store. Moreover, the packaging is so pretty that you just cannot resist. You feel like this shade best suits your personality and will fabulous with a particular look. But you need one blush and that’s all, the blush that suits your skin tone can be one or maximum two having more than is just going to sit there and expire one day. Settle with giving away the blush that isn’t of any use at all and the ones you have not been using.


We have so many options in highlighter and not to forget the variety. We have powder, creamy, pencil, and liquid highlighter and there is a further huge range in them. Now, one can go for the creamy or pencil highlighter, they both are just one product differently presented. If you are not comfortable wearing a creamy highlighter than for sure you will not be comfortable wearing a pencil highlighter. Now, playing with powder can prove to be messy sometimes until you have worked your way with the product you shouldn’t use this. The liquid highlighter is fun and gives a nice shine and glow to the face. So you can go for two highlighters one pencil or creamy and another one liquid highlighter.


Having a warm tone foundation or a cool tone foundation to cheat your skin tone is loved by us all. But it takes too much of our time to really make it work with the actual skin tone. So if you have gather products like warm skin toner foundation, one is cool skin tone, then a neutral and of course a full coverage, it is just too much. We all know a full coverage foundation can be bad for everyday use. If we use light coverage neutral tone foundation then we don’t have to go in the mess of getting a cool and a warm tone. We all know it perfectly well; neutral tone goes well with all colors so settle with two foundations in neutral skin tone matching to your color. The two foundations you need are light coverage and full coverage.

Eye shadow palette

Again we have so much variety, and we love to have variety. But have we asked this question to ourselves self, do we use this variety? We have got gel-based, creamy-powder palettes and many more. So you need to settle for less here like really less. Cutting out single from your list should be your first step because we kind of open the big palettes in front doing make-up and not the singles. So you need to give up on these once until you really don’t reach out for them. Then, one should keep the big palette which has pure mats in it, the one which has darker to light tone shades should be your choice. Apart from that keep a small palette of shimmery eye shadow just for the special occasion should be your go-to.


We all have piled up a bunch of colorful eyeliner; however, we reach for black all the time. If you are really into colors then you can keep it. But in the end, you will just not use them often and they will dry lying there. Keeping bronzing eyeliner could be a go-to except the black.

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