Trendsetter Sunglasses for every outing

The most popular accessory in summers is sunglasses and everyone will agree. Sunglasses are trendy, stylish and full of utility. They not only create a distinct factor in our personality but also protect the eyes from UV rays of the sun. It is evident from the fact that everyone nowadays-be it celebrities or mango people; is wearing sunglasses for whatever reason. They are a small accessory but you just cannot underestimate them for the impact they create. Once you start wearing sunglasses, you will not be able to let them go away from your staple wardrobe picks. Summers are the time when you hit on these babies the most and they actually change your entire look. With so many styles on the street, we have listed some of the most trendy ones with which you can set a signature style of your own.

Transparent Shades

You must have spotted this style a lot on the street. Everybody is flaunting this one nowadays because of the cool chic vibe in it. Transparent and translucent shades are one of the most popular styles seen these days and they come in so many different colors- it is so hard to choose from! Lately, a variety of bright and pastel hues have been spotted like lavender, lemon, bubblegum pink. They create such a great impact on the person looking at you. Transparent shades in different colors are just like a see-through where your eyes are also visible. This one is a dope style so you must definitely pick it!

Fair and Square!

Picking the most streamlined shades in a round or aviator style is a thing of the past and now everyone is moving towards uniquity. If you want to grab attention and set a trend, then go for something that others find difficult to flaunt. Square shades are one such style people shy away from but it is totally worth the try! A sleek style, narrow shape rectangular shades were the talk of the town during olden days but now they have been improvised and introduced as a trending pick. Pick this unique silhouette in the most vibrant colors for your lunch dates, vacation and beach trips. Throw them on in every season and set the trend!

Shield Sunglasses

Yes, we are talking about those sunglasses you would wear when going diving or skiing. Believe it or not, they are not just limited to such adventures now. Shield sunglasses are one of the best sporty sunglasses that you can wear every day and not get tired of it! A futuristic style that it is, it showcases a very bold and sporty vibe to the personality. You automatically come out as someone who is going with the latest trend and doesn’t shy away from trying out new things. Whatever you feel comfortable in, becomes the trend. So it’s time to let go of the old outdated styles and pick something that will turn eyes on every corner!

Classic cat-eye

Cat eyes are very popular in makeup, then how can they lack behind in sunglasses? Cat-eye glasses are a great pick for all those who want to show a sharp and elongated face to the world. Yes, they have the potential to do that and how! Cat eyes are narrow and elongated on the corners, so it gives the illusion of a sleek and long face. You must be wondering this looks funny but the truth is the matter is that it looks sexy instead! You should definitely have a cat-eye pair of sunglasses in your collection. They showcase a statement and are great for your chic style!

Shades from the 80s

Some trends never let go of us even if we discard them. They keep coming back, no matter how much you avoid them! One such trend is from the 80s. The sunglasses in the 80s was a kind of style every celebrity has adorned. The frames were big and oversized with colors you can’t even think of. These retro shades have been a quality pick at that time and now, they are a part of the trending era. Matte and opaque shades in bright colors, geometric shapes, polka patterns, titanium detailing are all shades from the 80s. You must pick each one of them and set the trend in your own unique style!

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