Travel Capsule: How To Travel Light For Any Vacation

Warmer seasons are all about traveling and one of the most exciting parts about traveling is packing your holiday luggage. We want to stuff our suitcase with everything we can so that we don’t rue later, right? We cram it with unnecessary stuff that we can’t even see ourselves wearing. But, traveling is not where you require plenty of pieces but just a few versatile pieces that could be easily mixed and matched with other stuff and that’s where the whole idea of building a capsule holiday wardrobe starts.
Even if in no time soon you’re planning to travel but still you can be prepared well in advance so that you don’t have to face the chaos of last-minute packing. If you know exactly what pieces to stash in your travel bag, packing for the vacay is such an ease. You can smoothly nail the art of packing light. And to be precise holiday packing is no rocket science but as easy as putting butter on the slice of bread. The only key to be kept in mind is less is more- and everything you think you might need honey you will never need.
We have sorted for you just the essential pieces ideal for your next getaway, from sightseeing to sipping cocktails these essentials will effortlessly take you from day to night. Keep reading!

White T-shirt-

This classic and versatile piece in your wardrobe is a blessing in disguise. This classic piece can be dress down with pretty much any bottom. When traveling this should be your first thing to reach out, an absolute holiday packing must-have. You can easily transition this piece from day to night. In the day time, you can wear it in a cliché style with your shorts and for night dinners pull this over a pleated bright skirt and in no time flat you’re ready. Told you, it’s a blessing in disguise.

Wrap Dress-

Wrap dress looks absolutely chic when you’re out for some exploration. Though you think it as a one-time wearable piece but trust us we can work it as a transition dress and impeccably pull it from day to night without missing that freshness in our look. Don’t believe us? Check this out.
Wear a breezy tee over your dress and slay your travel days and for the nights when you want to look a bit modish wear it itself. See, isn’t the dress serves as a repurpose stuff.


The swimsuit will not take much space in your bag and is a must-have for the beach vacations. Slay your beach outfit look with a flattering swimsuit. Or what if you decide to spend a few hours by the pool, swimsuit by any means is no skip. You can go for bold prints or basics patterns whatever you like but this timeless holiday essential is your best bet.

The Comfy Sandals-

Carrying tons of shoes on your vacay doesn’t make a sense. Hence, if there has to be a versatile pair that can effortlessly be pulled with any of your attire this is it. A pair of comfy sandals is all you need to spend your travel days. Not only they look trendy but are comfortable also for those long walks to the sites.


Last but not the least, the accessory without which you cannot imagine your vacay. To create a statement look in every outfit, sunglasses are an absolute must. Not only a pair of sunglasses is a style factor but also protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun that can lead to awful wrinkles around the eyes. For the beach days or sightseeing, sunglasses are a must.

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