Trade outdated going-out pieces with these stylish alternatives

Some going-out pieces tend to become outdated earlier than anticipated. And well we entirely cannot blame them because as the trends keep on evolving so does our wardrobe which probably means to get rid of some pieces and to retire them for good. When it comes to going out pieces, we always try to work them up to create fun, effortless and chic party looks. However, there are always some of the articles that we don’t wear anymore and can easily be swapped for new and trendier articles. And that’ why we are here with this article, telling you about some of the pieces that we feel aren’t serving the purpose or you just don’t wear them anymore because of their outdated nature. We have also given an alternative to what you can wear instead of these outdated pieces. Read on to know about them.

To wear: Puffy sleeves
Not to wear: Cold shoulder tops

Cold shoulder tops had their time, and sadly it’s time to say goodbye to them and, instead, give our wardrobe a more refreshing and trendier take with some stylish tops. And one of the many is puffy-sleeved tops which quite honestly are a statement in themselves. Tops with a structured silhouette and puffy sleeves will make for a really sexy choice, and they will look quite chic and alluring on almost every single woman. However, for a more flattering appearance, a square neckline is what we would consider the perfect choice for puffy sleeves. You can totally rock this top to a night out with a fitted pair of jeans to enhance your body features.

To wear: Sensible party heels
Not to wear: Super high heels

If there’s one thing that we all girls have learned over the period of time, then it is that wearing super high heels is not the only way to achieve that flattering body posture. You can still manage to look all sexy and attractive by wearing more sensible party shoes that don’t necessarily have to have 5 inches of heels. You can easily go ahead with heels as short as 3 inches, but you will have to make sure that they look fancy enough to be carried with your party ensemble. A little embellishment like crystal-studded heels or some intricate designing will suffice, for them to be called party-perfect heels. For you to be able to enjoy the party, wearing the heels that are comfortable and walkable would be your safest bet.


To wear: Corset-inspired tops
Not to wear: Off the shoulder tops

Just like cold shoulder tops, it’s time to retire off the shoulder tops too from your wardrobe and make some space for more trendier and timeless pieces. There was a time when off the shoulder tops were all over the fashion world, but the trend has almost diminished. Whereas corset-inspired tops are making their way into the fashion world and quite honestly, we are liking the way they give a very flirtatious and timeless feeling. With them being one of the emerging trends in the year 2020, investing in them would be a win-win.

To wear: Leather articles
Not to wear: Shimmery dresses

We girls have a thing for shimmer. While we cannot completely blame it for always being the number one choice for a night out look because of its super glam and striking appearance, but we surely can replace it with less reflective leather articles that can look more classier and chic than these shimmery dresses. And much like corset-inspired tops, leather separates are also one of the emerging trends this year, and there can be no better time to experiment with this style than today. You can get them in a plethora of options, such as a leather shirt, a skirt, a jacket, and even a dress for that matter.

To wear: Blazer with jeans
Not to wear: Statement tops

Whether in the form of clothes or accessories, adding a statement piece to your look was always the safest way to make your outfit work. However, the time has changed, and so has the trends. Give a break to your statement pieces and put forward more of your laid back looks that can still look equally fabulous. Wearing statement tops for a night out might be your thing, but it’s time you try something new and refreshing and instead wear simpler pieces like that of a blazer paired with a pair of jeans to create a chic and polished look. Finish it off by slipping into a pair of strappy sandals, and you’ll be good to go.

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