Things to pack for a beach getaway

Summers are all about bright sunny days which give us a perfect opportunity to be able to go for a beach getaway. It allows us to feel relaxed and spend our day soaking in vitamin D while we can. And while going for such getaways, you need to ensure you are carrying all the right things and essentials in order to save yourselves from spending extra money at the location which you know can cost you a lot more than required. You know it’s better to be safe than sorry!

We have listed a few essentials which you definitely would need to carry for a beach getaway. Keep on reading to know about them.

1. Bathing suits

Can a beach getaway feel complete without having a swimsuit/bathing suit in your bag? Absolutely no.  basically, you can say swimsuits/ bathing suits are the most essential thing to carry to a beach which allows you to show that body off yours by donning any pair of swimsuit you feel comfortable in. From one piece suit to two-piece set, every piece looks differently on different bodies, you can pick the one that flatters your body in the best way. It’s also good to carry a bathing suit for hygienic reasons as well.

2. A cover-up

Swimsuit cover-ups not only serve practicality but are also used as a fashion element to enhance your beach look. Unlike other fabrics, these cover-ups have a very soft material which easily dries off and gets back to its shape without getting baggy or stretched. They are very comfortable to carry and are a perfect option for those who don’t like to expose their skin much. They come in all different types; you can pick the one that flatters your body in the best way.

It also comes really handy when you are all damp but don’t really want to get out of your wet clothes, this is when a cover-up come to use as you can simply slip it on your wet bathing suit and allow it to dry while you hang out on the beach.

3. Sunscreen

The last thing you would want to miss out on is a sunscreen. No matter, how sunny or overcast it is, you just cannot miss out on this one product. Using a sunscreen is always a better thing to do as it not only protects your skin from harsh sun rays but also prevents harmful UVB rays from penetrating your skin which can cause a lot of skin problems such as sunburn; premature aging and can also lead to skin cancer if not looked after. Your sunscreen should come with a minimum SPF 30 limit which can exceed until SPF 50.

4. Flip flops

It’s obvious you can’t carry your shoes or fancy sandals to a beach until you are planning to go there just for the view and not to enjoy yourselves to the beachy sand and water. And if you plan on to do every bit of activity at the beach make sure to carry your comfortable flip flops with you. It will help you in protecting your feet from any kind of hazards such as inadvertent subjection of harmful foreign materials to your feet, protection from burning sand or the pathways, etc. If not flip flops you can also choose to carry crocs with you as long as it does the job.

5. Sunglasses

Whether to spruce up your look or to protect your delicate eyes from harsh sun rays, you can never go wrong by having a pair of sunglasses in your bag. It is one of the most basic things to carry as it is not only practical but can also be used as a fashion element to amp up your look. Make sure to carry sunnies in your bag if you want to save your eyes from the blinding sun.

6. Beach hat

Make sure to carry a big beach hat for a beach getaway as it will protect your skin from getting burned from harsh sun rays. Some hats also serve as a chic fashion accessory so you really can’t go wrong by adding them to your essentials list. When looking for hats make sure to opt for light-colored ones as they are more effective and provide better protection from the sun.

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