The only products you need to build a minimalist hair care routine

We are witnessing a major shift in the beauty industry, and this change is happening for good, for the betterment of the environment. Beauty products are one of the biggest contributors to global warming. And the products in question not only include skincare or makeup products but hair products as well. Right from packaging to ingredients used in the manufacturing of such products, certain aspects of the beauty products don’t work favorably for the environment, and they are only affecting the ecosystem.

Owing to the increased awareness about global warming, people are slowly realizing and understanding how some beauty products are causing so much harm to the environment and how they need to switch to sustainable and eco-friendly products that are not only harmless to the environment but your skin or hair as well. Much like skincare or makeup products, hair care products also contain an array of harsh ingredients that not only affect the ecosystem but your mane’s health as well. Hence more and more women have been switching to a minimalist hair care routine that is not only eco-friendly and light on the pocket but also addresses your hair’s basic needs and concerns.

Listed below are all the products you need to include in your minimalist hair care routine.


Nourishing shampoo and conditioner

Shampoo and conditioner should always be considered one unit; both of them are incomplete without each other. And when it comes to purchasing these products to build a minimalist hair care routine, you should always opt for the ones that don’t contain harsh ingredients like parabens and artificial dyes and instead settle for the ones that are formulated with nourishing ingredients. Since shampoos tend to leave your mane pretty dry, shampoo and conditioner containing nourishing ingredients will help prevent or make up for the moisture loss. You should always purchase these products based on your hair type and its concerns.


A nourishing hair oil

Hair oiling is one of the most essential steps in every hair care routine, you cannot miss out on adding a nourishing hair oil to your hair care routine. Massaging your hair with a nourishing hair oil on a weekly basis is one of the keys to a healthy scalp and a healthy scalp is equivalent to healthy hair growth. Hence you should indulge in weekly hair oiling sesh to boost your scalp’s and mane’s health. When it comes to picking a nice hair oil, you should always opt for the one with a lightweight formula to avoid product build-up on the scalp.


A deep conditioning hair mask

Much like your skin, your hair could also use an extra boost of hydration on a weekly basis. A regular conditioner isn’t sufficient to meet your mane’s hydration needs, it needs more than that, and that’s where a deep conditioning hair mask comes into the picture. You should use a deep conditioning hair mask at least once a week to offer an extra boost of hydration and smoothness to your hair.


A lightweight hair serum

Hair serums are really important to keep your hair happy and soft. Including a leave-in treatment such as a hair serum in your hair care routine won’t only help keep your hair frizz-free and shiny but will also add some movement to your locks. Every woman, specifically the ones with curly or wavy hair, should definitely include this product in their hair care routine.


A heat protectant spray

A heat protectant spray is yet another must-have hair care product. This product not only helps protect your hair from heat damage caused due to heat styling products but also offers protection against sun exposure. A nourishing heat protectant spray with low hold will make a great addition to your hair arsenal.

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