The only key pieces you need to look on-trend this spring

Spring will be here in no time, and honestly, we cannot wait for this season to arrive for a couple of reasons. While winter is one of the most fun and exciting seasons, the cold and frigid weather can get a bit too much, and we would definitely like some break from the cold so that we can dress according to the warmer days of the season. Speaking of which, there are a handful of fresh and comfortable trends that are making their way to the market and supposedly will be everywhere coming spring. The trends in question are not only easy to incorporate into our wardrobes, but they also look refreshingly cool enough to make our outfits look more elevated and chicer.


Instead of inundating your wardrobe with all the trends that are making their way to the market, you should only invest in key pieces to get you through spring like a breeze. And if you don’t know where to start, we will help you figure it out. Listed below are some of the key pieces that will be everywhere in the coming months and are definitely worth including in your wardrobe this spring.


Open-back dresses

There are a couple of trends this season that involves baring your skin, and that includes, sheer pieces, cut-out hems, bare midriffs, and cool side cut-outs. And if you are up for the idea of baring your skin a bit to add extra spice and appeal to your look, then an open-back dress is the perfect option to consider. It is probably one of the coolest and wearable pieces you can have in your spring wardrobe, whether worn to a brunch or for a date night, an open-back dress will add the right amount of interest to your look.


Loose trousers

Relaxed trousers are a comfortable yet polished-looking fashion article to have in your wardrobe. For days when you want your outfit to be comfortable and at the same time want it to feel polished, loose trousers will be your safest bet, therefore, it’s a must-have piece. Be it a blazer, a bandeau, or a graphic t-shirt, loose trousers look chic and effortlessly elegant with almost everything. If you are done wearing joggers, relaxed trousers will make a fabulous alternative.


House shoes

The popularity of house shoes is on the rise for the last few months, and they are being spotted in an array of different styles and designs. Since we have been prioritizing comfort now more than ever, there’s an increased demand for comfortable house shoes. From cool slip-ons to trending clogs, you can spot house shoes in a myriad of comfy and cushy styles.


Knit sets

Knit sets have been trending for a couple of months now, and they are showing no signs of slowing down. Knit sets will continue to reign in 2021; therefore, you can expect to see a lot more of them in the coming months. Additionally, they are a great way to add a luxurious touch to your look. Short sets, skirts sets, and pant sets are some of the best options to consider when it comes to investing in this luxurious and chic set.


Wraparound ties

Pieces with wraparound ties are one of the trends we are most excited about. Tiny detailings can do absolute wonders for any clothing piece, and the wraparound ties or crisscross cords are an incredible way to make your outfit look more elevated and fashion-forward. From skirts and dresses to bralettes and tops, you can spot a plethora of pieces featuring this chic detailing.

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