The essential Eye shadow brushes

Eye makeup is all in trend these days. From natural makeup look, no-makeup look or glam party look, applying eye shadow is an integral part. To create a seamless eye look, you need to have your hands-on the right tools. Using inapt makeup brushes will ruin your entire eye makeup. So, it’s really important to invest in the right eye makeup tools. To make your eyes look more enhanced and bolder apply eye shadow with the right tools. No matter if you are buying expensive palettes, but having the right tools will help you achieve the desired eye look efficiently. The right tools reduced the efforts that we undergo while creating a perfect eye look.
You must be thinking purchasing eye makeup brushes will burn a big hole in your pocket. But, ladies you are wrong. Just buy these five essential brushes and you are good to go, you can master every eye look. These brushes are staple brushes that should be there in your makeup kitties.

Eye Blender Brush


Eye blender brushes are fluffy brushes that help you to blend your eye shadows seamlessly. With the eye blender brush, you can blend shadows into the crease for a diffused, soft look. It is a must-have brush for blending transition shade which is a very crucial shade and the entire eye shadow look depends on the blending of this transition shade. This brush separates the different shadows that are applied at the base of the eye.

Crease Brush

A crease brush is a smaller and denser brush, designed to give you a more controlled and targeted application. This brush is a must-have brush in case you are a beginner as it provides you a complete hold over the shadow. It can help you to add depth to the crease and can even be used to apply shades to the outer corners of the eye, for a more defined look.

Mini Crease Brush

The mini crease brush might seem similar to the crease brush but actually, they are not. This is a very detail brush that you need in your makeup collection in case you want to get a good grip over your eye shadow. It is best suited for smaller areas where other brushes refuse to go. It allows you to add drama to your look without making your eye makeup overpoweringly dark and risk looking raccoon-like.
This is also a great brush for lower lines. As this brush is small in size it can easily target your lower lash and you can add color to them.

Eye base brush

This is the flat, dense, and wide brush which you have usually seen as a complementary tool provided in usually every shadow palette. This brush is designed to pack eye shadow to the lid and gives you the best pigment pay off upon application. This brush can be used for every eye shape.
You can spray them before application to bring out the pigment in your eye shadow.

Smudge brush

These brushes are used to create a smudged look. This brush is ideally used to smudge the eye shadows or kohls. Like the mini crease brush, this can also be used to line your lower lash line. You can use the smudge brush to create a winged liner look. Black Smokey eye look can be easily achieved using these brushes. Plus, it can be used to blend and smudge out cream or pencil eyeliner on the lash line for a bolder look.
We hope this feed will help you out in deciding the right eye makeup tools that you can hoard in your vanity.

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