The correct way to apply foundation on oily skin during summer

While you might love the summer season for one reason or two but girls with oily skin cannot totally relate to this. We hate to admit this, but summer can easily take a toll on oily skin or in short, you can say that summers and oily skin are not exactly best friends; they are more of frenemies that just cannot stand each other for long. If having oily skin was not worse, then adding a layer of makeup to it definitely makes things a lot messier which is not something any girl would like to encounter. No matter what you do or how you do, once you have put on makeup on your face, it doesn’t take long for the foundation to start coming off. It gets really hard to keep the makeup in place as the minute you step out in the sun, the makeup starts melting off which is definitely not a pleasant feeling.
While oily skin and summer may not make for the best partners but they can definitely be worked upon. We have jotted down a few tips for you that will help in keeping your makeup in place no matter how hot it gets.

Apply primer

Primer is one of the most important steps of this entire process and you definitely wouldn’t want to skip this part. After you’re done prepping your skin with a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer, follow it up with a primer which will give your face a soft and smooth canvas to work on. A primer not only helps the makeup products to glide easily on the skin but it also prevents the oil produced from the skin to come in direct contact with your makeup. You should look for a primer that comes with a matte finish so that your foundation stays intact all day long.

Avoid using heavy foundations

You should strictly avoid using heavy and full coverage foundations during summers as it doesn’t leave enough room for your skin to breathe properly. Instead of using a foundation, you can use a BB or CC cream as it not only provides sheer coverage but it also hides all the blemishes or problematic areas quite nicely, leaving you with even-looking skin. Full coverage foundations can feel too heavy and unnatural at times, on the other hand, BB or CC cream not only looks very natural but it also doesn’t melt off during summer.

Don’t forget translucent powder

Translucent powder is one of those underrated makeup products that deserves more credit than it gets. It is literally a blessing in disguise, especially during summer. Not only it helps to absorb excess oil from the face but it also provides your skin a matte and smooth finish which cannot be achieved by any other makeup product. You can swap your compact with a translucent powder which you can obviously use for regular touch-ups. And unlike compact, translucent powder doesn’t leave any patchiness on sweaty or oily skin.

Use the right tools

Using the right tools is again one of the most important parts of this entire process. It is the key to achieving a seamless and flawless-looking skin which is why you cannot afford to go wrong with the tools. The right tools are everything you need to achieve your desired makeup look. For applying the foundation, you can use a makeup sponge as it will help in providing a smooth and even looking base. As for the translucent powder, avoid using brush or sponge as it won’t pick enough product. Instead, you can use a powder puff to apply the product on your face.

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