Super Crazy Make-Up Hacks For Newcomers

Sometimes when we begin to make-up or try make-up in a hurry things get ugly. This is a super frustrating situation in one’s life; however, today we will be sharing some of the make-up tools that all of you have at home. These are safe tricks, nothing that will ask you to do something unnatural. You can trust the tricks and apply them to your face and body as well. However, the product used by you isn’t specified by us so, keep updating your make-up products and definitely throw away the expired ones, even when you love them.

Red lipstick

Had a late night sleep or no sleep at all happens to all of us. But what can we do of those eyes; they are swelled up by the morning. We really cannot afford to go to the office or college with these eyes. Well if you were purposely up at night that means you have an important day ahead where you need to look your best. So you will be preparing all night studying or working on the presentation the next day. Therefore, looking good and refreshed is necessary. The trick here is to use red lipstick. Yes, take a flat brush and a red lipstick matching the skin tone. The warm and cool tone has to be noticed. Now, using the flat brush spread the lipstick to your undereye. Give the final touch with a concealer.

Dry Mascara

We all suffer from the dried out waterproof mascara. It becomes clumsy and doesn’t stick to the brush well. Therefore you cannot apply it to the eyelashes. However, if we place the dried mascara bottle in some warm water, it gets diluted and becomes nice again. However, this is a slow process you might have to leave it for half an hour in water. Otherwise, you can use the quick trick of adding eye drops to the mascara. Make sure you add the drops that don’t make your eye watery; else it’s going to literally destroy the make-up.

Curled Lashes

All of us want our make-up to stay put all day long. At least the time we are in college or at the office. It often happens that even after applying mascara to the eyelashes, we don’t get the volume or curled lashes. For volume, we can always add fake lashes however, what can be done except using the curing press. Well, nothing much just a little hack with the curling press. You need to heat the curling press with the help of blow dry or even lighter. Be sure to be safe while playing with lighter, it could heat up excessively burning your hand. Heat it lightly as your eye will hurt on overheating. Press it along the lashes; this will make your lashes stay curled up longer.

Scotch Tape

All of you must know how this tape is used by the beginner to get that fine winged eyeliner. Some of them do use this tape while they do their eye makeup to that they have the perfect line adjacent to their eyebrows. Not adjacent actually slightly slanting. However, today we are going to use this tape to clean our makeup brushes. What you need to do is not make the brush wet. Use a napkin and twirl the tape, sticking one end on the napkin. Now run your brush back and forth to clean the brush. A single tape will be enough to clean your eye shadow brush. But for heavy fury brushes like foundation brush you need to place a minimum of three twirl tape next to each other and run the brush back and forth to clean it.

Coffee Filters

If you have oily skin then rather than purchasing bloating paper, cut the coffee filter into 5 parts. You will have the bloating paper. Keep it securely and use it when required. A lot of people have been using this trick, so you can try it on as well.

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