Sunglasses that suits the best on different face shapes

Choosing the right pair of sunglasses based on your face shape is not an easy job. For finding the perfect match you need to know your face shape first. You can easily determine it by measuring the dimensions of your face. With face shapes like round, oval, square, heart-shaped, diamond, etc. plenty of styles and designs are available in the market. But be very careful while investing in your next pair as you wouldn’t want to regret buying it later on. So, it’s wise to consider everything before going for one.

To make it easy for you, we have made a few recommendations of the sunglasses frames that will look the best on different face shapes.


Having the length of your face as long as that of the width, will most likely mean that you have a round-shaped face. For people with such face shape, the best thing that they can do is to stay away from glasses which are round in shape. With their face being already round, they wouldn’t want it to look rounder. Invest in a pair of sunglasses with an angular frame as it adds more definition and also balances the roundness of the face. They can rock those wayfarers or square frames with a bang.


An oval-shaped face looks a bit longer in the lower half of the face and carries a rounded jaw in most of the cases. People born with such face shape can consider themselves lucky, as most of the styles suit their face. From cat eyes to aviators and squares to circular, each frame looks equally good on them. Just make sure it is of right proportion and doesn’t look too wide on face.


If the length and the width of your face are of the same size, then you may have a square-shaped face. Choose a pair of sunglasses which softens your angular features and balances the sharpness of your face. You can opt for sunglasses with round or curved corners as they help in giving an appearance of roundness to the face. And you can avoid investing in angular corner frames as they will over-exaggerate your already sharp angular features.


having a wide forehead and a narrow chin probably means you have a heart-shaped face. You can carry off frames with round or sharp corners. These face shapes looks the best with a cat eye, aviators, round or butterfly style frames. Just don’t forget to take the proportion of sunglass into consideration.


Very fewer people are blessed with such face shape, they have narrow forehead and jawline and with cheeks being the widest part of the face. Most of the frame styles suit them, but cat style frames compliment them the best. They can also use frames which are oval or round in shape with soft curves. Make sure frame isn’t too wide as it can make your cheeks look wider which you definitely wouldn’t want to happen.

Sunglasses make for an important fashion accessory so make sure to invest in ones, which not only serves the purpose but also looks like it was meant for your face only.

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