Stylish hats to add to your collection

Hats have become increasingly popular in recent times. It was men who used to wear them, but that’s not the case anymore. Today, they are more popular amongst women than men and we can safely say that this one accessory can do wonders for your ensemble. You can easily make your outfit appear more elegant and eye-catching by sporting a hat. They come in all different types, some are occasion-specific, some are classic while some are just add-ons. You can never go wrong by adding some fancy as well as casual hats to your collection as they will always remain timeless and fashion friendly. However, when it comes to choosing a hat for yourself, there are endless options to choose from. And honestly, it can get a little overwhelming especially if you are new to this hat game. Hats that suit your style and personality can prove to be your safest bet.

There is a whole range of hats available in the market, however, there are some pieces that are evergreen and look amazing enough to add to your collection. We have listed those pieces; keep on reading to know about them.

1. Beanie

A beanie is a super useful hat to add to your collection. These head hugging hats provides both warmth and style during harsh cold days. Beanies also call for a major shout out as they can prove to be your savior during bad hair days. They are prepared using a very soft and warm woolen material which is why it’s important to have them, especially during winters. Just like any other staple, these hats have also gone under drastic makeover. Today, they come in many different colors and styles. You can pick the one that suits your personality and style.

You can easily carry them with your winter outfits either to add some character to it or to save yourself from harsh cold breeze.

2. Baseball hat

Give your outfit a sporty appearance by donning this baseball hat. Originally, they were designed with a purpose and that was to provide protection from heat and sun. They were usually carried by people who used to play sports but that’s not the case anymore. These hats style is very common now and can easily be spotted in many men and women’s wardrobe. They come in many different colors and designs and look very chic and stylish to be carried with your casual outfits.

3. Sun hat

This summer friendly hat is definitely a must to have in your collection. Just like other hats, they have also gone under a makeover and today come in all different variants and materials. They are your literal life savior during days when the sun is beaming at its best and is throwing in very harsh sun rays. You can simply put it on and go ahead with your day without worrying about your delicate skin getting burnt or damaged because of those harmful sun rays. These hats are an ideal choice for the beach. Carry it with your bikini, shades and a cover-up and you are all set with your beach outfit.

4. Fedora hat

Fedora hats were initially a very popular choice amongst men. But with change in time, their approach towards fashion also changed and started being manufactured in more girly and feminine appearance. These hats come with all sorts of embellishments. From fake flowers to other decorative pieces, these hats can be spotted in every different form. You can also get them in all different materials, colors, and styles. However, they are a little casual on the side which looks amazing with summer floral dresses as well as your regular jeans and top. And owing to these factors, fedora hats have become a really popular choice amongst women.

5. Floppy hats

Floppy hats were quite known for their bohemian and hippy vibe. But bygones are the time and today they are known for their awesome and stylish appearance that looks incredibly amazing with casual summer outfits. They will also save you from glaring sun and scorching heat during hot summer days. The rims of these hats are not very sturdy and this detailing is what makes them stand out from others. You can also choose to carry it with your winter outfits and get ready to rock the day looking all stylish and ravishing.

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