Styling tips on how to wear a fitted dress if you’re chubby

Bodycon or tight-fitted dresses certainly make for one of the hottest dresses as it perfectly accentuates the curves and other features of the body. However, when it comes to women who are not-so-skinny, find such dresses a little difficult and daunting to carry, as it can easily highlight the areas that are not supposed to be seen. And that is when they find their solace in loose fitted shift dresses, which quiet honestly looks really elegant but definitely cannot match the sexiness and chicness of a stunning bodycon piece. If you have already given up on wearing these body-hugging dresses, then you may be delighted to know that you still hold the chance to rock these hot pieces. There are some styling tips that will allow you to wear these body-hugging dresses like a pro.

Read on to know about them.

Draw attention towards your upper body

Love handles and muffin tops are the reasons we shy away from wearing bodycon or tight-fitted dresses. We mean, they do sound cute, but they actually don’t fall under the category of cuteness. And to avoid them being the highlight of your look, it’s advisable to wear dresses that draw attention upwards such as off shoulder and low neckline dresses are known to work well in this case. They very effectively and smartly highlight your upper area and does the needed job. You can also further accessorize the look by pairing it with beautiful earrings and a statement necklace.

Opt for dark colors

This is one of the oldest and most reliable tricks to make your bodycon dress work smartly on you. Dark hues hold the tendency to conceal all the extra fat, bulges, and bumps present on your body. Those colors can actually make you like you have been hitting the gym on a daily basis. Some dark shades such as navy, maroon, black, etc. Will work wonders for you; however, black will always prove to be the smartest choice when it comes to choosing a color for yourself.

Highlight your waist with a belt

Wearing a thin waist belt over your dress will help in giving your body a very structured and defined appearance. It basically highlights the area and makes your silhouette appear slim and tiny. Opt for a contrasting waist belt and cinch it around the tiniest part of your waist. Just make sure it isn’t too tight or is of elastic material, or else it can create folds around your tummy area, which is quite the opposite to what we were trying to achieve, so be careful!

Shapewear is your best friend.

No wonder how many times we have said it, but shapewear deserves all the credit it can get. It works very effectively and smartly for all the women out there with different concerns or problematic areas. Whether to flatten your bulging tummy, to uplift your bust, or to make your thighs appear thinner, shapewear can do it all very fantastically. Wear shapewear that targets the concerned area, and you will be good to go. Sport it underneath your dress, and you will notice how magically it has worked for you.

Thick fabrics will work in your favor.

Wearing thin fabrics won’t do any good to you. In fact, there are very high chances that your bulges will be seen through such material. And contrary to that, thick fabrics are known to work in your favor. While looking for dresses, make sure the fabric of the dress is thicker and more detailed. This will further allow your dress to sit nicely on your body without any visible folds and curves. Bodycon dresses that are sturdy and elastic will be an excellent choice for you.






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