Styling tips for women with heavy bust

Women blessed with heavy bust always find it difficult to find the right set of clothes for themselves. Clothes that don’t further emphasize the chest area are a little tricky to find but definitely not impossible. You may think that all the clothes are designed keeping women with a smaller bust in mind but that’s not entirely the case. There are so many styles available for women with heavy bust as well, which can make them feel really great and amazing about themselves. In order to make your clothes work for your body, there are a certain set of rules that every busty woman can swear by.

We have laid some styling tips for you which will ensure your chest doesn’t remain the focal point of your look instead your clothes grab all the attention for the right reason.

Keep on reading to know about them.

Make sure you are wearing a well-fitted bra

The most crucial tip for you is to see whether you are wearing the right size and fit of bra or not. A bra plays an important role in securing and providing support to your bust. It basically keeps your chest intact and firm, which further gives your silhouette a very flattering and well-formed appearance. Always look out for bras that provide full coverage and uplifts your breasts, which in turn makes your outfit look good on you. Whereas, if you end up wearing the wrong size of bra, no matter how costly it is, it will not only make you feel really uncomfortable but will also make your clothes look flat and plain. Another consequence of wearing the wrong size and fit of bra is, it can make your breasts look saggy.

Stay away from detailings

All the detailing such as ruffles, breast pockets, frills and so on can easily make your breast the focal point of your whole look, but we want to achieve the opposite of that. Which is why it’s always advisable to stay away from all such detailings and instead opt for tops that are either plain or comes with clean lines as they won’t draw any attention towards your chest area.

Wear slim clothes

Girls, if you think that you are doing a wondrous job by wearing loose clothes then you may be disappointed to know that you are on the wrong track. Most of the girls does this mistake of choosing loose clothes over slim ones and end up looking heavier than they are. They do not conceal any heavy bust or bulging belly but instead, give you a heavier look which you obviously were not looking forward to. And the same is the case for tight clothes; they can feel really fleshy and can easily give you a very unflattering appearance. Opt for clothes that have a very thin fabric and if they come with little stretchability then that’s an added advantage.

Highlight your waist 

Highlighting your waist can help you weaken the overpowering nature of your heavier bust. This trick works especially during summers in your summer clothing. And by highlighting your waist we do not mean to go all the way up with high waist clothing pieces as they can make your breast the focal point of your whole look and doesn’t turn out to be the way it was supposed to be. Dresses that are highlighted at the waist are great options for you to wear, as they make your silhouette appear slender and elegant. Some other clothing pieces such as half skirt with tucked in shirt always works well for such body figure.

V-necks are your best friend

When it comes to choosing a neck style for you, then you can safely rely on v-necklines as they work really well for women with heavy bust. Such a neckline looks very flattering and adds some length to your overall height which in turn draws the attention downwards. Just be careful of how deep the v-neck is, as it can expose too much of cleavage which may not prove to be appropriate in certain settings. Apart from v-necks, scoop necks are also known to work in your favor. Whereas, you should strictly avoid wearing polo, square and cowl necklines.

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