Style Guide: Footwear for Different Outings

The famous quote by Marilyn Monroe goes like,’ Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.’ And it is just so true! A pair of shoes can take you places and we can’t do without them. It is believed that shoes are the first thing someone notices about us so that’s why they should always look polished and stylish. People judge each other on the basis of their footwear choice and this is a fact. Intentionally or unintentionally, if you’re being noticed for your footwear, it means you should analyze and pick the most appropriate style for every occasion and outing. Different events call for different dressing styles, makeup and shoes too!

A varied collection of shoes is a must so that you go everywhere in style and look the best version of yourself. Here is a style guide to decide on which footwear to pick for various outings and how to style them perfectly.

For Casual Outings

Casual dates account for going out with friends or family either for a movie or simple brunch scenes. For such outings, you can’t think of picking up a pair of stilettos and appear there all dressed up in loud and bold vibes. Every outing has an aura of its own and its good to add a little dramatic touch to it. But only a little drama, you should not look like a drama yourself. Go for colorful designs and patterns that will complement the sunny day.

  • Sneakers and loafers are highly trending for casual outings because of their dual benefits. They are very comfortable and durable. They look super stylish and add a chic factor to your outfit. The good thing is that they can be paired with anything like dresses, shorts, denim and even skirts.
  • Flat sandals in strappy design and Aztec prints are also a great pick for a casual day out. They will keep you on the run all day.
  • If you can’t resist wearing heels, go for kitten or comma heels and peep-toes. They don’t look overdressed nor they look sloppy. Such heels add a feminine touch to your casual outfit.

For Workplace

The workplace is no more a place to dress up in a boring style. Break the stereotypes and add colors to your outfit. Yes, you don’t want to appear in a rock-chic style but you can always add some playful touch like a printed pair of heels or neon color ballerinas. If you want to keep it casual and stylish, go for peep-toes and pair them with your formal trousers.

  • Add a dash of color to the outfit by pairing your formal outfit with bright hues footwear. Look for neon and contrast color heels in green, lavender, pink or blue. They add contrast in the most elegant style!
  • You can also go for chunky style footwear like mules and block sandals. They create variation in the overall outfit and look very sophisticated too.
  • If you don’t like heels, go for platforms or wedges that are a more comfortable version of heels.

For Cocktail parties

Cocktail parties are formal parties where you need to look very exquisite in your best clothes and smart footwear. To gather all eyes on yourself, the safest option here is to pick a nice pair of pumps. Pumps go with all your evening dresses like long gowns, bodycon dresses, and strapless blouses. They have set a level of elegance that nothing else can be compared to.

  • Pumps are low-cut shoes that are best for formal parties. They have the potential to make you look taller and sexy at another level. Look for standard colors like black for every party. you can also invest in nude colors as they are very trendy nowadays.
  • Invest in stilettos and use them as a wardrobe staple for every formal party. They go with your trousers as well as your long fancy dresses. Wrap an embellished neckpiece around the neck and you’re good to go!

For Winter Outings

Winters are the times when your body is covered with all the possible clothing in the world. Boots are a staple winter wear and nothing can beat them. You can wear heels and sneakers if you want to but boots have their own charm in winters and we bet you on that! Look for different shoes in leather and suede. They look very elegant and also protect your feet in the chilling cold.

  • Pair long boots with your trench coats on a cold morning and set out to conquer the world. You can explore a lot of colors and pair them with different outfits.
  • If you want to keep it casual with hoodies, then go for converse shoes and buckled boots.
  • If you are going for a formal outing then boots with a little wedge heel will look very classy.

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