Step-by-step guide to achieve natural finish foundation look

Working with a foundation can never be easy unless you are an absolute pro. Sometimes, it’s the shade that gets wrong, or sometimes it’s your skin that can create trouble if it is not well prepped up. There are a lot of factors that go into while applying a foundation. For it to work best for your face, a lot of things should be considered. The wrong technique and application of foundation can easily start to give you a very unnatural and cakey look. However, that can be avoided if you pay attention to all the necessary steps that are required in order to get your foundation right. To achieve that natural-looking foundation look, there are a few techniques you should know about, and once you get all the steps right, there will be absolutely no one to stop you from rocking natural-looking finish foundation every single time.

We have formed a step by step guide for you that will help you in achieving your desired look in no time.

Prep up your skin

The first and foremost thing to do before applying any other product to your face is to prep your skin. It is a crucial step that you just cannot miss out on doing. For an easy application of foundation, having a smooth and healthy base is extremely important thing, and that is what prepping helps in achieving. Prepping up is an absolute must for everyone, and it involves more than just one product like cleanser, toner, moisturizer and sometimes a face scrubber as well. Always ensure that your skin is in its cleanest state, and you can do that by using a cleanser. Similarly, to give some moisture and hydration to your face for a healthy base, don’t forget to apply a moisturizer while your face is still damp. A toner will help in shrinking your pores that will help in giving you a flawless look.

Picking the right shade is important

One of the most common mistakes that many women do while purchasing a foundation is picking the wrong shade. Applying the right shade of foundation is the most important step to achieve a natural and flawless-looking finish. Doing a patch test on your skin can help you in finding the right shade for yourself, and it should be done either on your neck or on your jaw to check if the shade is the right one for you. Just in case, if you haven’t found the right shade for you, then you can create the perfect shade for yourself on your own. Get two different shades of foundation; mix them together to get a closer match for your skin tone.

Always apply the foundation under good lighting

Lighting matters a lot when it comes to applying makeup, especially the foundation. It allows you to have a good view of your face and lets you know how your face will be visible to others when you step out of your house in natural lighting. The best way to apply foundation is to do it near your window where you will get natural lighting; doing so will give you a clear view of how your makeup will appear in natural daylight. On the other hand, applying a foundation in yellow or fluorescent lighting won’t give you the most accurate impression, so it’s better to avoid checking your makeup in such lighting.

Begin with using your fingers

Your fingers may not be the most hygienic way of applying foundation, but it surely is a great place, to begin with. For quick and streak-free coverage, blending your foundation with fingers can help in giving you a flawless look. This trick especially comes handy when you are using a liquid foundation. This is done by applying small dots all over your face, just be careful with the amount of foundation you are taking so that your makeup doesn’t look cakey. Start by covering the areas that require high coverage like your cheeks and t-zone and then spread the leftover to the rest of your face.

Use a damp sponge to even out the foundation

After you are done applying foundation to your face using fingers, it’s time to even it out using a damp sponge. To ensure your foundation looks natural, flawless, and an airbrushed one, it’s important to even out your foundation. Dab the sponge very lightly on your face whilst blending the product. Performing this step also ensures that your makeup doesn’t look too harsh or cakey due to the appearance of harsh lines and excess product.

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