Simple yet effective ways to deal with redness around the nose

A hint of redness around the nose may look cute in pictures during winter, but in reality, red noses can be super annoying to deal with. The development of redness around the nose could be associated with a lot of factors, but the most important ones include- skin allergy, active breakouts, skin conditions like rosacea, seasonal dryness, change in temperature, etc. These are some of the underlying factors that could lead to redness around the nose, and hence shouldn’t be left untreated for a long time.

The redness isn’t the only issue; this problem also ends up inviting other issues such as flakiness and having a constant urge to touch your face. These things collectively can make this issue super annoying to deal with. While it’s best to leave issues like rosacea and acne to the professionals, there are a couple of simple and effective ways to deal with milder versions.

Include a non-comedogenic moisturizer in your routine

One of the best ways to deal with dryness associated with seasonal and temperature change is by using a non-comedogenic moisturizer. Seasonal dryness affects every area differently, some parts of your face are mildly affected, and some parts of your face are severely affected. If you are experiencing irritation around your nose due to sunburn, winter dryness, or windburn, the best way to deal with it is by using a non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic thick moisturizer. Pick a moisturizer with a soothing formula to deal with the redness.


Watch out for irritants in your skincare staples

Apart from the underlying factors, your skincare products might also be the reason why your nose feels so itchy and looks red. Certain ingredients in these products, especially the ones that are known to feel harsh on the skin, should be completely avoided. Some irritants like alcohol, dyes, and artificial fragrances are widely used in a lot of skincare products; you should stay away from these ingredients and products to help curb the dryness.

Keep a soothing face mist handy

Sometimes even applying a moisturizer a couple of times a day fails to keep irritation and dryness in check. The best thing you can do in this case is to use a soothing face mist. Instead of using any random face mist, you should go for a super hydrating formula to not only deliver a boost of hydration to your skin but also help curb dryness and redness. Apart from that, a soothing face mist can help keep flare-ups in check during the day. You must keep a soothing face mist handy at all times, whenever your nose or other parts of your face feels irritated, you can quickly spritz it to calm your skin.

Use a humidifier on dry days

Winters can be super drying, and there are some days when even the most hydrating moisturizer or a face mist fails to make your skin feel slightly less dry. if the area around your nose feels irritated or looks red, you can use a humidifier in that room to help your skin and curb the redness. You can also use your favorite essential oil to help your skin on a greater level. Lavender and chamomile oils are two of the best options to consider.

Petroleum jelly FTW

When nothing else is working for you, you can always reach for your trusty petroleum jelly to do the trick. Applying a tiny amount of petroleum jelly on the skin around your nose won’t only help to hydrate the area but will also offer protection from cold and dry conditions outside. Coating your skin in petroleum jelly is known as slugging which helps prevent water loss and keep the skin moisturized.

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