Simple ways to switch to a sustainable hair care routine

Social media is a powerful platform; it can make a huge difference when used correctly. And one of the best examples of social media being used correctly is the increased awareness around clean beauty. While factors like the burning of fossil fuels, deforestation, and farming are some of the major contributors to global warming, there is a myriad of other factors that are also leading to global warming but due to minimal emphasis, they are not getting as much highlighted as they should like the rest.

Beauty products are one of the major causes of global warming, and it’s time we get serious about this topic and do something to save the environment from the adverse effects of beauty products. Thanks to social media, the awareness around clean beauty is growing every day, and that’s eventually leading to people understanding the importance of using sustainable and eco-friendly beauty products. While most of you may already have switched to an eco-friendly skincare routine, you should do the same with your hair care routine too. Aside from being one of the major causes of global warming, your hair care routine leaves the air water contaminated and also results in increased landfills, which in turn, leads to several serious issues. We need to understand the gravity of the situation and the threat the environment is facing.

Switching to a sustainable hair care routine is a step in the right direction to protect the environment. We have listed 4 simple ways to bring a change.


Use wooden hair combs and brushes

Plastic and boar-bristles combs and brushes are highly responsible for increasing carbon footprint; therefore, you should stop using them at once. You should look for more eco-friendly and sustainable products when it comes to your hair care, and bamboo or wooden combs are an environmental-friendly alternative to plastic combs. Aside from being eco-friendly in nature, these wooden combs are also good for the overall health of your hair.


Invest in eco-friendly hair ties

While hair ties may seem completely harmless, they can actually end up causing so much harm to the environment. Most hair ties you know of or use on a daily basis are non-biodegradable, they can harm the environment, therefore, it’s crucial to invest in eco-friendly ones. You can opt for either satin hair ties or 100% organic cotton hair ties; both options are eco-friendly. Also, these hair ties are not only better for the environment but your hair as well; they feel gentle on the mane and don’t cause any damage to your locks.


Reuse or recycle plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are one of the biggest threats to the environment, instead of buying plastic-bottled hair care products, you should use bars such as shampoo and conditioner bars. But if you are not ready to make a switch yet, then the best way to deal with these plastic bottles is by reusing them to store different items such as makeup brushes, hairpins, hair ties, etc. You can also use them as planters. Some plastic bottles are recyclable, so you can recycle them to reduce waste.


Cut down on heat styling

Cutting-down on heat styling is one of the best things you can do. It is not only beneficial for the environment but your mane as well. Using heat styling tools every day end up consuming a lot of energy, and it also damages your mane in the long run, therefore, it’s best to minimize using heat-styling tools. Also, of all the ways mentioned on this list, cutting down the heat is probably the easiest way to make your hair care routine more eco-friendly.

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